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CAP•impact — CAP⋅impact provides the information, advice, and analysis you need to understand and shape the rules around you. We provide all content for educational purposes only, and subject to our disclaimers. CAP·impact is a project of the nonpartisan Capital Center for Law & Policy at McGeorge School of Law.

Craft Beer Law Prof — Professor Dan Croxall focuses his studies on the laws that impact the craft beer industry. Follow this blog and @GoodBeerLawProf to stay current on these issues. You will be surprised how craft beer plays a role in major legal issues such as commercial speech and anti-competition.

McGeorge @ Work — The Career Development Office blog keeps you connected to the McGeorge community and can be used as a tool to fine-tune your professional development skills. Career planning starts from the moment you step foot on the McGeorge campus, and the CDO’s services continue to be available to all alumni throughout their careers. Stay updated on upcoming events and find out how to best position yourself in today’s legal job market.

McGeorge GLS — The distinctive two-year Global Lawyering Skills (GLS) intensive legal writing program — ranked #13 by U.S. News & World Report in 2012 — is designed to enhance and deepen the students' experience in research, writing, and oral advocacy and produce skilled, practice-ready graduates. Complementing our commitment to globalizing the curriculum, GLS integrates international and comparative law into the program, requiring students to use international as well as domestic sources to solve client problems. This comprehensive preparation has been cited as the most significant integration of international and comparative law in a legal writing program.

What Great Law Schools Do — Dean Schwartz is a leading national expert on teaching and learning law. He is the author of ten books, seven law review papers, three book chapters, and eight shorter works addressing a wide variety of teaching, learning and curriculum design topics.