McGeorge School of Law

Message from the Dean

Michael Colatrella

Among the joys of working in legal education is experiencing the energy and excitement of hundreds of students starting a new school year, many at the beginning of their professional careers. This August, we welcomed 178 JD students who have started on their journey of becoming lawyers. We also welcomed over 40 new students pursuing graduate degrees in law, many of whom are lawyers in their home countries. Finally, we welcomed 22 new students pursuing Masters Degrees in Public Policy or Public Administration. It is worth noting that we are the only law school in the country to offer public policy graduate degrees, which seems apt considering our close proximity to one of the world's most influential state governments.

As you know, I will be serving as Interim Dean for the 2019-20 academic year while Michael Hunter Schwartz serves as Interim Provost. In my role as Interim Dean, I will continue the programs and initiatives that Interim Provost Schwartz began while McGeorge's Dean, which have helped to maintain McGeorge's financial security, robust enrollment, and academic excellence. Under the arrangement that the law school reached with the University, Interim Provost Schwartz will continue his work with our McGeorge alumni and fundraising efforts. Last year, McGeorge raised 2.3 million dollars in donations, and we are working to have another outstanding fundraising year to enhance our academic programs and to fund scholarships for our students.

In addition to being wonderful teachers, McGeorge faculty members are also world-class scholars who shape the legal landscape in the U.S. and abroad. To help provide you a sense of their scholarly impact, this Newsletter contains a new section called "Faculty Impact." This section will give you a sampling of the types of articles, books, presentations, and other endeavors our faculty members have contributed to the scholarly enterprise over just the past few months. Relatedly, our faculty will host a number of academic conferences at McGeorge throughout the year that will attract legal scholars to our campus from across the United States. This September, we will host the Annual California International Law Scholars Workshop and, in October, we will conduct a symposium on the "50-Year Retrospective of the Warren Court's Criminal Procedure Revolution." In the spring, we will host the Northern California Clinical Professors Conference, the Trina Grillo Social Justice Retreat, the Global Law Symposium, and the International Conference on Contracts, that will bring together Contract professors from across the world, affectionately known as "KCON."

McGeorge is off to a strong year both academically and financially. Thank you for your support, and I look forward to working with you this year.

— Interim Dean Michael Colatrella Jr.