McGeorge School of Law

Curriculum Mapping — Question 9


Career Planning: Demonstrate understanding of career options and steps toward defining and achieving career goals in light of personal values.


Course 9(a). How you think the following Program Learning Outcome is addressed in your course.  9(b): Describe the assessment methods used to evaluate this Program Learning Outcome in your course (rubric, paper, exam, multiple choice, presentation, portfolio, capstone project, etc.)
Business Associations Not Applicable  
Business Associations Introduced Intense simulations and continuous assessment of class participation.
Civil Procedure Introduced Civil Procedure constantly poses the question:  what does it mean to be a litigator?  In that sense, it is often discussed
Clinics Developed  
Constitutional Law Not Applicable  
Contracts Not Applicable  
Contracts Introduced Selective simulations and assessment of class participation.
Criminal Law Not Applicable  
Criminal Law Not Applicable  
Criminal Procedure Developed Mostly through discussion of the role of prosecutors and defense lawyers in discussing the cases and simulation exercises
GLS I Not Applicable  
GLS II Not Applicable  
Legal Profession Developed Topic: Professional Identity and Career Planning    Learning Outcomes:    1. Begin to develop a professional identity and understand the critical role that professional identity plays in successful legal practice.  2. Understand the value of, and recognize opportunities to employ, a growth mindset.  3. Understand that mastery of substantive law, analytical skills, and communication skills is essential but insufficient to be a successful lawyer.    4. Understand the core values of the legal profession (integrity, honesty, diligence, resilience, dependability, and a desire to achieve social justice) and apply those values in practice.    (Assessed through graded individual and team multiple choice quizzes, non-graded written reflection on student's core work and personal values; non-graded written reflection on growth mindset; non-graded job application cover letter and resume in which the student receives written feedback; graded written summary of an Informational Interview that student conducted with lawyer mentor; and graded capstone portfolio that outlines student's career goals and detailed plan for achieving those goals.)
PASS I Not Applicable  
PASS II Not Applicable  
Professional Responsibility Introduced Through the use of student preparation for class, class lecture, regular quizzes, the final essay exam, and the MPRE students are introduced to an understanding of career options and steps toward achieving career goals.
Property Introduced Class
Property Introduced No systematic method
Remedies Not Applicable  
Remedies Not Applicable  
Statutes & Regulations Not Applicable  
Torts Introduced Class discussion, in-office student conversations
Torts Not Applicable  
Wills & Trusts Developed Class
Wills & Trusts Introduced No systematic method