McGeorge School of Law

Curriculum Mapping — Question 8


Access to Justice: Demonstrate understanding of the legal profession's commitment to access to justice


Course 8(a). How you think the following Program Learning Outcome is addressed in your course.  8(b): Describe the assessment methods used to evaluate this Program Learning Outcome in your course (rubric, paper, exam, multiple choice, presentation, portfolio, capstone project, etc.)
Business Associations Not Applicable  
Business Associations Introduced Intense simulations and continuous assessment of class participation, selective assessment in one exam essay.
Civil Procedure Developed My course centers around the central theme of my book Animating Civil Procedure -- the discussion frequently focuses on the practical implications of the Court's decisions narrowing access to the courts -- one simulation exercise on Rule 8(a)(2) forces them to deal with the question  
Clinics Mastered reflections, memos, presentation, case work.
Constitutional Law Introduced class discussion and comments on responses
Contracts Not Applicable  
Contracts Introduced Selective simulations and assessment of class participation.
Criminal Law Introduced Discuss need for good public defenders/prosecutors.  
Criminal Law Introduced No formal assessment -- the topic comes up in a discussion of guilty pleas and access to counsel
Criminal Procedure Developed Much of Constitutional Criminal Procedure is about the tension between Warren Court and post Warren Court decisions -- in informal ways, testing those concepts on exams tests their understanding of the issue
GLS I Not Applicable  
GLS II Introduced Court visits and exposure to a case file, as well as discussions about the economics of litigation.
Legal Profession Not Applicable n/a
PASS I Not Applicable  
PASS II Not Applicable  
Professional Responsibility Developed Through the use of student preparation for class, class lecture, regular quizzes, the final essay exam,  and the MPRE, students are introduced to and develop and understanding of the legal profession's commitment to access to justice. 
Property Developed Class
Property Introduced No systematic method
Remedies Developed 6 essay assessments on topics covering remedies and aspects of contract law and torts; multiple choice assessments focused particularly on contracts and torts; 2 question final exam essays focused on remedies.
Remedies Not Applicable  
Statutes & Regulations Not Applicable  
Torts Introduced Class discussion 
Torts Introduced Same as above. 
Wills & Trusts Developed Class
Wills & Trusts Introduced No systematic method