McGeorge School of Law

Curriculum Mapping — Question 4


Demonstrate the ability to identify and understand foundational concepts in international law and to perform international legal research


Course 4(a). How you think the following Program Learning Outcome is addressed in your course.  4(b): Describe the assessment methods used to evaluate this Program Learning Outcome in your course (rubric, paper, exam, multiple choice, presentation, portfolio, capstone project, etc.)
Business Associations Not Applicable Note: this course does introduce students to some comparative law, but not international law. 
Business Associations Not Applicable N/A
Civil Procedure Introduced Only in the most minor manner in some discussion of personal jurisdiction over foreign corporations
Clinics Not Applicable  
Constitutional Law Not Applicable  
Contracts Introduced I teach CISG and assign reading for it but do not test or assess because of course unit and time limitations.
Contracts Introduced Selective simulations and assessment of class participation.
Criminal Law Not Applicable  
Criminal Law Not Applicable  
Criminal Procedure Not Applicable An occasional mention of comparable rules abroad -- not often enough to call it introduced
GLS I Introduced Students in GLS I are taught about treaty research and the basics of international law. They are assessed in one of the simulated problems about which they must complete a written assignment.
GLS II Developed I would say that the one transnational legal issue in each problem offers an opportunity to students to develop international legal research skills. These skills are assessed through the fall semester trial court level memorandum of points and authorities dealing with an international or transnational issue and in the appellate brief where that issue arises again. Also through oral argument, where students must discuss international legal issues, we are able to assess their understanding.
Legal Profession Not Applicable n/a
PASS I Not Applicable  
PASS II Not Applicable  
Professional Responsibility Introduced Through the use of student preparation for class and class lecture, students are introduced to foundational concepts in international law as it pertains to the regulation of attorneys.
Property Introduced Class
Property Not Applicable  
Remedies Not Applicable  
Remedies Not Applicable  
Statutes & Regulations Not Applicable  
Torts Introduced Some notes and an occasional class comment made by me dealt with comparative perspectives in Torts. In prior years, with more units, we assigned Global Issues in Torts but cannot do that any longer. 
Torts Not Applicable  
Wills & Trusts Introduced Class
Wills & Trusts Not Applicable