McGeorge School of Law

Curriculum Mapping — Question 2


Application: Apply knowledge and critical thinking skills to perform competent legal analysis, reasoning, and problem solving


Course 2(a). How you think the following Program Learning Outcome is addressed in your course.  2(b): Describe the assessment methods used to evaluate this Program Learning Outcome in your course (rubric, paper, exam, multiple choice, presentation, portfolio, capstone project, etc.)
Business Associations Developed Essay exam
Business Associations Developed See 1(b), supra.
Civil Procedure Mastered See my previous answer -- but I do have a question -- mastered by whom?  A One L course has a significant range of performances
Clinics Mastered Case work and presentation
Constitutional Law Developed written essay assessments with detailed grading rubrics, practice multiple choice, graded multiple choice
Contracts Developed rubric, paper, exam, multiple choice, assignment practice exams with rubrics for self-assessment
Contracts Developed Intense simulations continuous assessment of class participation, monthly written problem simulations and a traditional final exam.
Criminal Law Developed Because this is ASP criminal law, these students will continue honing throughout law school.  Multiple choice, essay exams, peer review, self-assessment, in-class written exercises, in-class discussions
Criminal Law Mastered See my previous answer
Criminal Procedure Mastered See the answer above
GLS I Developed I believe we both introduce and develop application skills in GLS I through closed and open universe research assignments that must be crafted into written documents - primarily memos, but also client letters and eventually trial level or mediation briefs.
GLS II Mastered Papers in the form of two memorandums of points and authorities and one appellate brief. Oral arguments at measured by an oral argument rubric. Mediation simulation helps with developing problem solving skills. Legal application skills are mastered and other problem solving skills are developed.
Legal Profession Not Applicable n/a
PASS I Mastered Weekly practice essays and performance tests with extensive feedback
PASS II Mastered Simulated essay exams, review, feedback
Professional Responsibility Mastered Through the use of student preparation for class, class lecture, regular quizzes, the final in-class essay exam, and the MPRE, students are introduced to, develop, and master critical thinking skills, competent legal analysis, reasoning and problem solving.
Property Mastered Exam;Class;nongraded assessments;MC
Property Developed Exam; multiple choice questions; other hypotheticals.
Remedies Developed 6 essay assessments on topics covering remedies and aspects of contract law and torts; multiple choice assessments focused particularly on contracts and torts; 2 question final exam essays focused on remedies.
Remedies Developed written essay assessments with detailed grading rubrics, practice multiple choice, graded multiple choice
Statutes & Regulations Developed Extensive class discussion of approaches to statutory interpretation, buttressed by ungraded assessment, graded midterm, and graded final. 
Torts Developed See above please
Torts Mastered Same as above 
Wills & Trusts Mastered Exam;Class;nongraded assessments;MC;class projects
Wills & Trusts Developed Exam; multiple choice questions; discussion problems in class