Sacramento Campus

Emergency Telephones

Image of an emergency call box

Twenty-three (23) emergency telephone boxes are strategically placed throughout the Sacramento campus community to allow students, staff, faculty, and visitors to immediately contact campus Public Safety officer(s) or request assistance in the event of an emergency.

Additionally, all elevators on campus are equipped with emergency telephones. Refer to the map on the back of the hard copy of this pamphlet for locations.

How to Use the Emergency Telephones

Pull open the telephone box and lift the receiver from the cradle. Describe the emergency and a Campus Public Safety Officer will respond to the location where the call was made, if so requested. When describing an emergency, speak slowly and clearly and provide the location and nature of the emergency. When possible, a description of the person(s) involved would be helpful.

Do not use the emergency telephones to request services such as the locking and unlocking of buildings. All non-emergency callers will be directed to call the regular non-emergency number for Public Safety, which is 916.739.7200.

How to Use the Emergency Call Boxes located in the parking lots

These emergency call boxes are easily identifiable. They have a blue light located directly above the call box that stays on during the hours of darkness. Push the red button for help. The green light should come on which indicates that your call has been sent. Wait for the red light to come on. This indicates your call was received by Public Safety. You are then ready to talk. Again, push the red button and hold it down while you are talking and release it to listen.

Map of Emergency Phones