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Stop by to pick up your visitor parking permits, book vouchers (Fall & Spring) and much more! If we are not able to assist with a request, we will find out who can.


Spring 2020 tuition and fees will assess to student accounts at the beginning of January 2020. Accounts that have a balance owing in December 2019 will be placed on financial hold prior to the holiday break.

  • Due Date for Spring 2020 Semester Tuition & Fees: Tuition and fees for the Spring 2020 semester are to be paid in full by 5 p.m. on Jan. 22, 2020. If you qualify, the deadline to sign up for the deferred payment plan is the first day of the semester. The link to review our payment policy is here: Tuition Payment Policy
  • Financial Responsibility: Mandatory — All students are required to complete the Financial Responsibility acceptance for each term they register for courses. In order to complete the requirement, please log in to insidePacific, go to the Financial Responsibility Acceptance box and click on the Student Financial Acceptance link, select the current term (in the drop down), e.g. Spring 2020, read and click on the "I Accept" button. Failure to accept Financial Responsibility will result in your student account being placed on Financial Hold.
  • Financial Holds: If you have a financial hold on your account, it will prohibit you from registering for classes or changing your registration. The school will withhold all services until the balance is paid. If you have not already done so please review your current statement, or contact our office for assistance by emailing or calling 916.739.7054.
  • Spring 2020 Health Insurance Waivers: If you are a continuing student there is no need to waive your health insurance in the spring. If you are beginning your classes in the spring you will automatically be enrolled and billed for the Student Health Insurance plan unless comparable coverage is received. If you have comparable health insurance coverage, the deadline to submit your waiver is Jan., 2020 by 5 p.m. Go to and click submit a waiver; sign in using your PacificNet ID and password and follow the instructions to complete the form. Please note that international students will not be able to waive their coverage while attending our campus.
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