McGeorge School of Law

Orientation — First Week

Image from the 2016 orientation day

Your law school experience at McGeorge begins with Orientation or First Week, as we call it. We call it First Week because, in addition to the traditional orientation sessions, you will have your first official law school classes this week! Additionally, you will be given training on expert learning skills and foundational law school study strategies, opportunities to connect with faculty, administration, staff, and your peers, time to get to know and work with your 1L Study Team, and, of course, have a little fun. First Week will help you become accustomed to the study of law and integrated into the McGeorge community in a supportive, introductory environment.

Welcome to your first year of law school!

The beginning dates for the McGeorge Student Orientation Programs for the 2020-2021 Academic Year are as follows:

Incoming JD Students
  • Prep Week (pdf) — Tuesday, Aug. 4 to Thursday Aug. 6, 2020 (Full time and Part time)
  • First Week/Orientation (pdf) — Monday, Aug. 10 to Friday, Aug. 14, 2020 (Full time and Part time)ientation — Wednesday, Aug. 14 to Friday, Aug. 16

Use the hashtag #McGeorgeOrientation to document Orientation experiences on social media!


Note: Orientation is expected for all new JD, MSL, LLM and MPX students.


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