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Student Emergency Assistance during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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University of the Pacific has a limited number of laptops available for students in need to ensure that every student has access to a quality education. We recognize that not every student may have access to a computer while you are not on campus. Please contact Dean Carr by emailing if you need assistance.

If you are faced with an unexpected emergency, the School of Law may approve a short-term non-interest-bearing loan of up to $500. The loan is payable within ninety days or before the end of the school term. Students are limited to one emergency loan outstanding at any time. Loan forms are available from the Financial Aid Office by emailing and the loan must be approved by the Director of Financial Aid.

McGeorge School of Law has established a Virtual Food Bank to provide funds to support students experiencing food insecurity. The Virtual Food Bank allows students to obtain a $100 Safeway gift card up to two times per semester. Assistance is available to any currently enrolled McGeorge student. We will verify enrollment and by completing the application form, students sign a statement acknowledging their need for food and financial assistance. Click here to apply. Please email or call the Office of Student Affairs at 916.739.7089 with questions.

Supporting student wellbeing and success are our primary concern right now. We want to encourage students to ask for what you need and ask you to understand that our ability to meet students’ needs depends on everyone asking only for what they need. We have established an emergency grant program funded by generous donors to assist students who are currently experiencing an unexpected financial hardships. Grant funds are limited and are considered on a rolling basis until funds are depleted. Students may apply for an emergency grant amount up to $1,000. To be considered for this grant, please complete an application to be reviewed by the Emergency Grant Committee. Emergency grants will be made on a timely basis upon approval by the Committee. The Committee will seek clarification of application requests, as necessary.

Examples Of Emergencies To Be Considered Include

  • WiFi access for learning through the end of Spring Semester
  • Sudden loss resulting in lack of funds for food, a meal plan or basic living expenses
  • Disability-related evaluation expenses for reasonable academic accommodations
  • Emergency travel home for illness or bereavement in the immediate family
  • Dental, medical, or healthcare expenses
  • Housing displacement
  • Temporary loss of student’s job or jobs and/or job-search-related expenses
  • Theft of books, clothing or essential belongings

Access the Emergency Grant Funding Application



The Emergency Grant Committee

  • Michael Colatrella, Dean, Chair
  • Jennifer Carr, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
  • Rebekah Grodsky, Director of Academic and Student Affairs
  • Joe Pinkas, Director of Financial Aid

For questions about any of this relief, please contact McGeorge Student Affairs at or 916-739-7089.


For questions about any of this relief, please contact McGeorge Student Affairs at or 916.739.7089.