McGeorge School of Law

Academic Policies & Procedures

Grading & Advancement Rules

The Grading and Advancement Committee (G&A) is the body duly authorized to study, develop, adopt, and apply rules, regulations, and procedures pertaining to examinations, grading, advancement, graduation, and related matters. Major policy considerations are presented by G&A to the entire faculty for debate and vote before official adoption.

Student Handbook (a.k.a., The Black Book)

The Student Handbook, colloquially known around campus as The Black Book, is a collection of McGeorge's major policies and procedures, as well as information about student activities and services. When you have a question, the Student Handbook is a good place to start. All students are responsible for reading this publication and should do so annually as policies change from year to year. Students are held responsible for knowing and complying with both University and Law School policies and ignorance of the rules is not an acceptable excuse.


Office of Student Affairs
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