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The Art & Science of Negotiation (3 University College Units)

The art and science of negotiation is an interpersonal skill that can be learned and improved. This course examines the theoretical, ethical, and practical skills essential to being an effective advocate in negotiations involving business transactions and legal disputes. Students will learn a systematic approach to negotiation through lecture, discussion, video simulations, and extensive interactive exercises and role-plays. The course will feature guest lectures by renowned experts in the area of negotiations and sports law, including the legendary sports agent and owner of the Boras Corporation, Scott Boras, Matina Kolokotronis, Chief Operating Officer for the Kings, Michael Hunter Schwartz, the Dean of McGeorge School of Law, and other featured speakers. Students will also become familiar with the scientific literature relevant to negotiation. This course will also help students identify strengths and weaknesses in personal negotiating style.


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