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Graduate Law European Summer Experience

Pre-Program International Internships, 2019 — May 20 to June 28

Summer Program in Salzburg, 2019 — July 1 to July 20


A Unique Educational Program

McGeorge's summer program offers a unique opportunity for law students to study and work abroad. Students can choose to intern with firms in Europe and take special courses not available through any other institution or program. McGeorge is especially honored and proud to offer the U.S. Freedom of Expression course, co­-taught by U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony M. Kennedy (Ret.) and Professor Sionaidh Douglas­-Scott, Anniversary Chair in Law, Co-Director at the Centre for Law and Society in a Global Context, Queen Mary University of London.

Not only will students get the opportunity to spend time in a 16th century classroom learning from Justice Kennedy, they will have additional time to engage with him and other professors during social activities. Additional courses offered will focus on international and comparative law, taught by European and American scholars, professors and practitioners.

Learn more about the impressive faculty that teach additional Salzburg Summer Program courses.

McGeorge was a pioneer in overseas summer law school programs. The law school's long-standing Summer Program on International Legal Studies has been operating continuously in the beautiful city of Salzburg, Austria since 1975.

In addition to law students and graduates from the United States, the program seeks to enroll students from other countries. In 2019, we expect to enroll 10 non-U.S. students from countries including, but not limited to, Austria, Denmark, Turkey, and Spain. We also expect to enroll 30 students from U.S. law schools. In 2018, 30 students participated in the Salzburg Program. Of those students, 27 were from McGeorge School of Law, two were foreign students, and one was from another U.S. law school.

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Student Testimonials

What former students have to say about the Salzburg Summer Program:

I had an outstanding academic experience, as well as an amazing time living in Salzburg. The most memorable aspect of this program, however, was living and studying with the McGeorge students. I arrived in Salzburg without knowing a single person in the program, and though the McGeorge students arrived in established groups of friends and acquaintances, they could not have been more open and friendly. I made some terrific friends from McGeorge, which absolutely made my summer. It is a great credit to you, your administration, and your faculty that your school attracts such wonderful people. You must also be doing an excellent job of establishing a community as well as running an academic institution. 

Thank you again for offering the Salzburg program, which I hope you will continue for many years. I will certainly encourage students in the first year class at [my law school] to spend their next summer in Salzburg, and from now on, if anyone asks if I know of a good place to attend law school on the West Coast, McGeorge will be the first school that comes to mind. 


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