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On-Campus & Foreign Summer Programs

Summer sessions are available to part-time and full-time students. Although summers cannot take the place of a full-time semester, taking some coursework in the summer can lighten your load during the regular year. Completing the units required for graduation results in taking between 14 and 15 units each semester. As few as 12 units can be taken while still qualifying as a full-time student, so some full-time students pursuing extra-curricular activities or wishing to give advanced material particular focus use summers to enable taking 12 or 13 units during a term.


Three Summer Sessions are scheduled including on-campus required courses, electives and international electives. Summer courses are compressed but consist of the same number of class hours as similar courses offered during the academic year. Summer Session on-campus classes are normally scheduled in evening hours. Students who have completed at least one year of law study in good standing at other ABA accredited law schools may enroll in either the On-Campus or International Sessions.

International Sessions

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