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European Summer Experience Courses

Course selections for Summer 2019 are listed below. Course offerings for Summer 2020 are to be determined.

Freedom of Expression in Europe and the U.S. — one (1) unit, graded

This course considers issues of free expression arising in Europe and the United States, particularly with regard to government regulation of speech and of the press. Most of the attention will be directed to the European Court of Human Rights that explain and apply Article 10 of the European Convention. There will be a focus on the doctrines as to which of the two systems have taken divergent paths, such as in dealing with "hate speech" and defamation.

Corporate Governance and Human Rights — one (1) unit, graded

This course examines the responsibility of multinational corporations for the protection of human rights. Class sessions will survey legal sources for this responsibility and introduce the variety of ways responsibility might be enforced. In addition to traditional legal sources (public international law, EU law, national law), particular attention will be paid to the growing acceptance of voluntary corporate governance codes (“soft law”). In the light of actual and hypothetical cases involving the activities of multinational corporations, class discussion will analyze the legal and practical difficulties faced by victims of human rights violations by a multinational corporation when seeking to enforce claims against that corporation.

European Law in Practice — one (1) unit, P/F (runs May 20 to June 28)

  • Clémence Kucera, McGeorge School of Law

Students will learn about law practice in Europe through observation and instruction. This seminar consists of a two-day boot camp, placement in an internship in a European law firm, company, or legal institution for five weeks prior to the Salzburg Summer Program, and weekly online or telephonic conferences during the course of the internship. Students will be required to keep a reflective journal and write periodic reflective essays. The Associate Dean for Experiential Learning and the Director of Graduate and International Programs will help students find an appropriate placement, and must approve each student's registration.

Democracy and the Rule of Law — one (1) unit, graded

  • Dr. Wolfgang Brandstetter, Judge, Constitutional Court of the Republic of Austria, Special Advisor to the Commissioner of Justice of the European Union, Professor of Criminal Law, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administrations

This course considers issues of the rule of law arising in the EU and the United States. In recent years, both legal systems have been confronted with crisis events, which exposed systemic threats to the rule of law. In Europe, the European Commission reacted by adopting the rule of law framework to address such threats in EU countries. There will be a focus on the question of how the law can prevent political players from gradually subverting the democratic process to increase their power, and raise awareness of the importance of a balanced legal system.


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