McGeorge School of Law

European Summer Experience Courses

Settling International Disputes: The Global Trend Toward Online Dispute Resolution — one (1) unit, graded

This course will introduce students to international dispute resolution techniques, including negotiation, mediation, and arbitration, with a focus on the global movement toward online dispute resolution (ODR). Students will be introduced to international ODR standards and best practices and discuss both the opportunities and shortfalls of ODR processes in the context of global transactions. The course will also introduce cross-cultural communication issues and obstacles, and strategies for overcoming them. Students will participate in group exercises and simulations and course materials will be curated from a variety of international resources.

Sports Law — one (1) unit

  • Matina Kolokotronis with Scott Boras as a guest lecturer

Considers key legal issues affecting professional sports industry, including application of antitrust laws and the effect of industry-wide collective bargaining agreements. Varying practices and their ramifications are studied for baseball, football, basketball, and hockey.

European Union Law for International Business — one (1) unit

This course provides a general introduction to EU law, in the context of how businesses typically enter the EU market. The course concentrates on key matters that international business partners will face entering the EU market and the discussion will focus on selling goods to an EU buyer, e-commerce activities aiming at the EU market, sales via an EU representative, entering the EU market via franchising arrangements, establishing a permanent presence in the EU, and related matters. This is a problem based course and students will work collaboratively to resolve challenging case studies.

Pre-Program Internships Course

European Law In Practice — one (1) unit

Students will learn about law practice in Europe through observation and instruction. This seminar consists of a two-day boot camp, placement in an internship in a European law firm, company, or legal institution for six weeks prior to the Salzburg Summer Program, and regular online or telephonic conferences during the course of the internship. Students will be required to keep a reflective journal and write periodic reflective essays. The Assistant Dean for Graduate and International Programs secures the internship placements for the students.


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