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Research Assistant Program

Depending on the selection of competitions and the makeup of each team, the Moot Court Honors Board may utilize one or more research assistants to help with specific competitions.

To be eligible, students interested in being a research assistant must have good academic standing and be at least in their second full year of classes at McGeorge. Research assistants help the team perform background research of the case law, statutes and secondary authority involved in a specific competition’s issues.

Research assistants are not responsible for writing the brief or delivering oral argument, but their case briefs and findings help the team select the appropriate cases and other authority for briefing and argument. Research assistants are eligible for pass/fail credits and get invaluable experience should they decide to solicit for membership on the Moot Court Honors Board the following year.

Although not required, students who perform well in the First Year Moot Court Competition are considered strongly for research assistant positions. Therefore, the best way to pursue a position as a research assistant is to enter the first year competition.

For more information on becoming a research assistant, email Professor Ed Telfeyan.

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