McGeorge School of Law

Exam Policies & Procedures

Exam Schedule

The tentative final exam schedule is published on the Calendars & Schedules page before registration. McGeorge will not reschedule final exams for students who have two exams in one day. Students may not register for classes with conflicting exams.

Policy Regarding the Rescheduling of Examinations

Examinations must be taken at the date and time scheduled for the course and section in which the student is enrolled, unless an exam change is approved by the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. Approved excuses are limited to the following circumstances:

  • A bona fide illness, emergency, or personal tragedy;
  • A conflict with the student's religious observance; or,
  • Rescheduling is approved as an accommodation for a disability and timely notice has been provided to the Office of Student Affairs, as described in the policy for students with disabilities.

Full written verification of the details of such an event may be required.

Only the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs can approve a student to miss an examination or any portion of an examination. To maintain the anonymity of the grading process, do not contact your professor about exam scheduling or missed exams.

If one or more examinations need to be re-scheduled, the student must complete the Exam Change Request Form (available from the Office of Student Affairs) at least four weeks prior to the examination (or as soon as the emergency arises). The Assistant Dean for Student Affairs will then review and either approve or deny the request.

Examination Instructions

Students are advised to read the exam instructions carefully; students are responsible for knowing and complying with all examination instructions.

Examination Materials

Unless an announcement is made to the contrary, students are permitted to have only pens, pencils, and a laptop computer with them in the examination room. If it is necessary to bring backpacks, etc., into the room, the items must be left either in the front or back of the room, as the proctor indicates, and not retrieved until time has been called for all students to stop. McGeorge is not responsible for items left unattended during exam periods; leave valuable items at home.

Conduct During Exams

Students are expected to conduct themselves honorably and in a professional manner during examinations. Any breach of this standard may result in disciplinary action under the Code of Student Responsibility.

Submitting Questions & Exam Responses

Examination responses must be turned in as designated by the proctors before the student leaves the examination room. Essay examination questions may be retained by the student at the conclusion of the exam, unless the professor has specifically designated that they must be returned and it is so announced by the exam proctor. Multiple-choice questions, if any, are stapled together and always must be returned at the conclusion of the examination; each page must be numbered with the student's exam number and the packet is turned in with the Scantron sheet.


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