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Trial & Appellate Advocacy Certificate of Concentration Requirements & Curriculum

Trial & Appellate Advocacy Certificate of Concentration Requirements & Curriculum

Students must complete the required and elective courses designated below. With prior written approval, the Certificate of Concentration Director may vary the requirements of this program in individual cases for good cause. A minimum of 18 units are required for the Trial & Appellate Advocacy Certificate of Concentration.

Core Courses
Course Units
Global Lawyering Skills II (required) (Journal service is not a substitute for GLS II for the Certificate of Concentration.) 2, 2
Trial Advocacy (required) 3
Pretrial Advocacy (complete one) Units
Civil Pretrial Litigation 2
Criminal Pretrial Litigation 2
Taking and Defending Depositions 2
Federal Pretrial/Trial Litigation Seminar 2, 2
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) (complete one) Units
Art of Plea Bargaining 1
Arbitration: Advocacy & Practice 1
Negotiation & Settlements 2 or 3
Mediation 3
Negotiating Disputes Into Deals 1
Capstone (complete one) Units
Advanced Trial Advocacy 3
Advanced Appellate Advocacy Seminar 2, 2
Mock Trial 2, 2
Moot Court Competition Teams 2, 2
Experiential (complete one course) Units
Legal Clinic or Externship with a litigation or ADR focus (advance written approval required)1 3

Note: The Externships Office has a list of Externships pre-approved to count towards the Advocacy Concentration. If your desired Externship is not on that list, you must seek advance written approval (email sufficient) from the Faculty Advisor for the Concentration or the Externship may not count towards the Concentration requirement.

1 Students granted a waiver from the graduation experiential requirement are not relieved of this Certificate of Concentration experiential requirement. However, they may apply for such waiver, submitting proof of substantial other practicum/experiential courses beyond those already included in the Certificate of Concentration requirements. Application must be made to the Faculty Director in writing via email.


Elective Courses (complete one)
Course Units
Advanced Criminal Procedure 2 or 3
Alternatives to Litigation in Family Law 2
California Parole Hearings and Litigation 1
Capital Punishment 3
Civil Rights Litigation 2
Criminal Law Defenses 2
Expert & Scientific Evidence 2
Federal Courts 3
Federal Habeas Corpus 3
International Criminal Law 2 or 3
Local Agency Practice — Advice and Litigation 2
Persuasive Public Speaking 2
Representing Local Agencies: Advocate, Neutral Counselor, Risk Assessor 1
Trial Skills in Family Law 2
White Collar Crime 2



Contact Professor Jay Leach, Director, Trial & Appellate Advocacy Certificate of Concentration
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