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International Certificate of Concentration

Globalization is transforming the practice of law, obliging an increasing proportion of legal professionals to learn how to respond to the challenges presented by transnational and intercultural practice. McGeorge’s International Certificate of Concentration offers a strong foundation for a broad array of careers, whether your interests draw you toward public service or the private sector, to work abroad or in California, to litigation, transactions or a legislative/regulatory practice. Students who complete the certificate of concentration requirements will graduate with a solid grounding in public and private international law, in-depth exposure to at least one specialized doctrinal area, and advanced skills training that can help to provide a bridge to practice.

Explore an International Certificate of Concentration
  • Requirements & Curriculum
  • International Certificate of Concentration Faculty — Students are encouraged to consult with the Faculty Director of the Certificate of Concentration Program, and with professors teaching any of the listed courses, to learn more about how the specific courses may further their academic interests and career goals. The Faculty Director, in consultation with the International Studies Committee, is authorized to approve appropriate substitutions of courses or units when necessary to accommodate the specific career goals and interests of individual students, as well as to provide academic counseling. Omar Dajani and Jarrod Wong are the Faculty Advisors for the International Certificate of Concentration. If you are interested in the Certificate of Concentration Program, you should contact Professors Dajani and Wong.
How to Apply

Apply by submitting the online application, which requires that you attach your resume and Statement of Purpose (at least 200 words on why you want to obtain the certificate of concentration and how it fits into your career goals). This application should be submitted at your earliest stages of planning, and in no case may be submitted after the Add/Drop Deadline of your final law school term. Students must schedule an appointment with the Faculty Director to plan their required curriculum and activities.

Related Activities

At McGeorge, you may interact with JD and LLM students from many other countries on campus. Students with an international interest participate in a number of co-curricular and extracurricular activities, including:

  • International Moot Court Competition Teams — Each year, McGeorge fields moot court competition teams in competitions whose subject matter involves international law issues. For the Jessup International Moot Court Competition, held each spring, students prepare a written brief and compete at oral argument on a dispute involving public international law.
  • McGeorge International Law Society — McGeorge's International Law Society is a student organization that brings together those interested in international law. Members meet informally to discuss current international legal trends and the society sponsors speakers on current international topics. For example, the Society brought speakers from throughout North America to campus to discuss implications of NAFTA when it was near adoption.