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Capital Lawyering Certificate of Concentration

The Capital Lawyering Certificate of Concentration is a 14-unit course of study and experiential learning, which students pursue at the same time as they earn the McGeorge JD degree. The Certificate of Concentration is offered in conjunction with exclusive capital engagement and networking opportunities.

Capital Lawyering Certificate of Concentration students complete a series of required and elective courses specially designed to train them to work in and around the California legislature in committees, in private firms that specialize in political law or lobbying, in nonprofit agencies that engage in issue advocacy, in local, state and federal agencies, and in law firms with regulatory practices in areas such as communications, energy, the environment, health and employment. The curriculum ensures that students graduate with real-life experience and on-the-job contacts within the government and public lawyering community. Students also participate in Capital Center student groups, attend Capital Center events, and network with the many Capital Alumni Chapter members in California, Washington, D.C., and elsewhere who work in government and public lawyering careers.

How to Apply

Apply by submitting the online application, which requires that you attach your resume and Statement of Purpose (at least 200 words on why you want to obtain the certificate of concentration and how it fits into your career goals). This application should be submitted at your earliest stages of planning, and in no case may be submitted after the Add/Drop Deadline of your final law school term. Students must schedule an appointment with the Faculty Director to plan their required curriculum and activities.

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Public Service Scholarships

Public Service scholarships are available to highly qualified JD degree applicants who want to make public law, including government service, a part of their career. Interested applicants should contact the McGeorge Admissions Office by email or by calling 916.739.7105.


Erin O'Neal MuilenburgErin O'Neal Muilenburg
Director, Capital Lawyering Concentration
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