McGeorge School of Law

Bar Exam Attack Track (BEAT)

BEAT graphic depicting how much BEAT program helps

McGeorge offers three courses to students in their final year of law school to help them begin preparing for the upcoming bar exam: PASS I, PASS II, and PASS III.

McGeorge graduates taking the bar for the first time may participate in the Bar Exam Attack Track (BEAT) program, a supplemental bar review program offered after graduation in the winter and summer that creates opportunities for extensive simulated practice, written feedback, and individual counseling. BEAT allows participants to write practice exams more often and sooner than they otherwise might, but it is meant to work with the commercial bar review program schedules, not to add work to an already-loaded study plan. As a result, BEAT students pas the bar exam at a much higher rate. Because BEAT is supplemental, it does not replace enrollment in a commercial bar review course. BEAT is open to first-time bar applicants, but admission requires a commitment.

  • Pass Rate of McGeorge Students Who Participated in BEAT: 71%
  • Pass Rate of McGeorge Students Who Did Not Participate in BEAT: 55%

Courtney Lee, Professor of Lawyering Skills, Director of Bar Support
Email | 916.739.7242