McGeorge School of Law

Academic Support Resource Center

The Academic Support Resource Center is a study space on the first floor of the Library, just inside the main entrance near the seating area. Students may come to the Resource Center to study individually, meet in their study groups, or meet with teaching assistants. The Resource Center contains a library of supplemental study materials that students may check out, including course supplements, commercial outlines, audio materials, flash cards, and bar exam preparation materials.

Additionally, West Academic is an online resource provided to all McGeorge students. This resource gives students access to a variety of supplemental materials, which include hornbooks, outlines, practice multiple choice and essay questions, and audio recordings. Students regularly use this resource and express appreciation for it.

This year, as a pilot project, McGeorge purchased Adaptibar for all 1L students. Adaptibar is an online program that provides the students with licensed MBE questions and provides substantive explanations for each question. Further, it allows administrators to track students and obtain data on their performance generally, as well as on very narrow topics (ie – intentional torts, personal jurisdiction, etc.). Professors have access and create customized quizzes, with the goal to have students working on multiple choice questions all throughout law school. This is supported by principles of spaced repetition and interleaving. It also provides valuable data to the professors to see where the students need more work and helps administrators to see the practice patterns and abilities of our students.