McGeorge School of Law

McGeorge Law Review Volume 46

Volume 46 — Issue 1

Symposium — Growing, Growing, Gone: Innovative Ideas in Resource Management for a Growing Population


Volume 46 — Issue 2

Review of Selected 2014 California Legislation

Business and Professions (pdf)

  • Chapter 275: The Fight to Protect Consumers with a Kill Switch May Leave Them Tone Deaf — Jenifer Gee
  • Chapter 406: Fixing the Pain in Local Government's Neck, Restructuring California Massage Therapy Regulation — Brandon Bjerke
  • SB 1262: California Hashes Out Medical Marijuana Industry Regulation and Dispenses Greater Scrutiny of Physician Recommendations — Erika Lewis

Civil (pdf)

  • Chapters 859 & 863: Model Revenge Porn Legislation or Merely a Work in Progress? — Michelle Daniels

Education (pdf)

  • Chapter 754: The Next Stepping Stone in the Path Toward a California Dream — Courtney S. Hoyland

Government (pdf)

  • Chapter 16: Combating Dark Money in California Politics — Patrick Ford
  • The CAPS Act: Enacting New Barriers Between Elected Officials and Interest Groups — Elizabeth Kim
  • SB 831: Bringing Political Reform into the Twenty-First Century — Ryan Matthews

Penal (pdf)

  • Chapter 623: Giving the Wrongfully Convicted a Better Chance at Review — Natasha Machado

Public Utilities (pdf)

  • Chapter 389: Closing the App Gap with Insurance Requirements for Transportation Network Companies — Amanda Kelly

Water (pdf)

  • Chapters 346 and 347: Keeping California's Thirst for Groundwater in Check — Micah Green

Welfare & Institutions (pdf)

  • Chapter 919: Audrie's Law Dramatically Increases the Punishment for Rape of a Defenseless Victim — Andrew Pinasco
Volume 46 — Issue 3



Volume 46 — Issue 4

Symposium: The Long Overdue Reform of California's Sentencing Practice and Policy