McGeorge School of Law

McGeorge Law Review Volume 45

Volume 45 — Issue 1

Symposium: The State and Future of Legal Education


Volume 45 — Issue 2



Volume 45 — Issue 3

Review of Selected 2013 California Legislation

Business and Professions (pdf)

  • Chapter 336: Protecting Minors’ Online Reputations and Preventing Exposure to Harmful Advertising on the Internet — Brian Geremia
  • Chapter 438: Giving California a Competitive Edge as a Breeders’ Cup Venue — Jacquelyn Loyd

Civil (pdf)

  • Chapter 58: Disclosure of Medical Information in Pretrial Settlements with Marriage and Family Therapists — Brian Geremia

Civil Procedure (pdf)

  • Chapter 519: Fortifying California’s Reporters’ Shield — Devina Douglas

Education (pdf)

  • Chapter 85: Providing Greater Protections For Transgender Students — Lara Awad

Elections (pdf)

  • Chapter 280: Streamlined Vote by Mail Procedures for Today’s Majority Voting Method — Anthony Serrao

Family (pdf)

  • Chapter 743 Lowers Adoption Costs: More Families Made Whole, More Children Kept Safe — Jacquelyn Loyd

Food and Agriculture (pdf)

  • Chapter 398: The Highly-Regulated Hemp Marketplace—Economic Powerhouse or Law Enforcement Nightmare? — Anthony Serrao

Government (pdf)

  • Chapter 691: Protecting Military Members and Veterans from Employment Discrimination — Lindsay Barnes
  • Chapter 51: Approval of Tribal-State Gaming Agreements Governing California’s First Off-Reservation Casino — Nicholas Kump
  • Chapter 11: Expanding Gubernatorial Access to Closed Session Agency Meetings — Megan DeHerrera

Health and Safety (pdf)

  • A Breath of Fresh Air: Chapter 292 Implements a Smoke-Free Environment in Foster Care — Lindsay Barnes
  • Chapter 231: Putting Swap Meet Animal Vendors in the Dog House: Regulating the Sale of Animals at Swap Meets — Robert Binning

Labor (pdf)

  • Chapter 653: Tackling Players’ End-Around the Laws of Their Home States: Restricting Professional Athlete Access to California’s Workers’ Compensation System — Robert Binning

Penal (pdf)

  • Chapter 797: Un-handcuffing Minors from the Gang Life — Dacia Anderson
  • Chapter 284: Deterring and Paying for Prank 911 Calls That Generate a SWAT Team Response — Eric Brumfield
  • Chapter 259: Welcome to the 21st Century! Taking Marital Status Out of Rape by Misrepresentation — Michelle Carlson

Revenue and Tax (pdf)

  • Chapter 546: Preventing Retroactive Taxes on Entrepreneurs — Nicholas Kump

Vehicle (pdf)

  • Driving While Undocumented: Chapter 524 Allows Undocumented Immigrants to Apply for Driver’s Licenses in California — Vallerye Mosquera
Volume 45 — Issue 4