McGeorge School of Law

McGeorge Law Review Volume 44

Volume 44 – Issue 1

Symposium: The Evolution of Justice Anthony M. Kennedy's Jurisprudence


Volume 44 — Issue 2

Symposium: Voices of the Civil Rights Division: Then and Now (October 28, 2011)



Volume 44 – Issue 3

Business and Professions (pdf)

  • Read My Lips, No Inappropriate Beer Taxes: Chapter 96 Amends the Definition of Beer, Protecting Craft Brewers — Josh Hunsucker
  • Chapter 835: "Gay Conversion Therapy" Ban: Protecting Children or Infringing Rights? — Nick Clair

Civil (pdf)

  • Advocates for the Disabled, or Extortionist Vampires? Chapter 383 Attempts to Prevent Plaintiffs' Attorneys from Bleeding Small Businesses Dry — Katherine Pankow
  • Beginning to Seize the Instrumentalities of Human Trafficking: Chapter 514 Allows Criminal Forfeiture of Property Used to Facilitate the Sex Trafficking of Minors — Scott Davidson Dyle
  • Combating Human Trafficking by Enhancing Awareness Through Public Postings — Scott Davidson Dyle

Education (pdf)

  • Cyberbullying in Schools: Chapter 157 Updates the Law on Suspension for Online Conduct — Sydney Smith
  • "When in Doubt, Sit Them Out": Chapter 173 Effectively Supplements California Concussion Law and Raises Awareness Among Coaches — Josh Hunsucker
  • Chapter 585: A Renewed Effort to Restore Integrity to California's Vocational and Postsecondary Educational Institutions — Michael Coleman
  • Friend Request Denied: Chapter 619 Prohibits Colleges from Requesting Access to Social Media Accounts — Katherine Pankow
  • Chapter 621: Using Open-Source Textbooks to Lower the Cost of Education — Benjamin Grimes

Elections (pdf)

  • Chapter 160: Felons Who Violate "Public Trust" Banned from Elected Office — Kevin Heitz
  • Chapter 497: A Vote for Greater Participation in Elections — Danielle Lenth

Family (pdf)

  • Chapter 718: Financial Protection for Victims of Sexually Violent Felonies by a Spouse — Kailey Hackbarth
  • Chapter 834: Clearing a Roadblock in the Battle over Same-Sex Marriage — Sean D. O'Dowd

Fish and Game (pdf)

  • Chapter 595: Banning the Use of Dogs to Hunt Bears and Bobcats — Sean D. O'Dowd

Government (pdf)

  • Chapter 271: Another Step in California's Redistricting Reform — Elizabeth Smutz
  • Chapter 287: Religious Accommodation for Employees — David Vidal
  • Chapter 837: Inmate Medical Release Under Realignment — Cameron Easterling

Health and Safety (pdf)

  • Chapter 415: Big Help for Small Businesses — Matthew Read
  • Chapter 709: Expanding Access to Prescription Medication for Indigent Patients — Amanda Iler
  • Chapter 821: Mandated Vaccinations Bring Informed Consent — Annakarina De La Torre-Fennell

Labor (pdf)

  • Cyberfrontier: New Guidelines for Employers Regarding Employee Social Media — Michelle Scheinman

Penal (pdf)

  • Please Leave Your Shotguns at Home: Chapter 700 Prohibits Openly Carrying Long Guns on California Streets — Roman Edwards
  • Getting a Break from Forever: Chapter 828 Provides an Opportunity for Juveniles Sentenced to Life Without Parole to Get Their Lives Back — Roman Edwards

Public Contract (pdf)

  • Closing the Loophole: Termination of State Funding for Some Charter City Construction Projects — Michelle Scheinman

Public Resources (pdf)

  • Chapter 533: Bipartisan Efforts to Limit California State Park Closures — David Vidal

Public Utilities (pdf)

  • Chapter 733: R.I.P. Regulations on V.O.I.P. — Cameron Easterling

Vehicle (pdf)

  • Chapter 570: Paving the Way for Autonomous Vehicles — Danielle Lenth
  • Chapter 720: Throwback License Plates Give Old Cars New Flair — Anthony Schiavo

Water (pdf)

  • Chapter 215: Clarifying the Roles of Water Providers in Southern California — Michelle Chester

Welfare and Institutions (pdf)

  • Chapter 659: Overcoming Obstacles to Elder Abuse Prevention — Anthony Schiavo
Volume 44 – Issue 4