McGeorge School of Law

McGeorge Law Review | Volume 43

Volume 43 – Issue 1

Symposium: The Road to Legitimizing Marijuana: What Benefit at What Cost?



Volume 43 – Issue 2



Volume 43 – Issue 3


Review of Selected 2011 California Legislation


Business and Professions (pdf)


  • From Blacked Out to Tapped Out — Suni Li Alexander
  • Renegotiating the Role of Athlete Agents — Maryn Oyoung
  • Increasing Penalties to Catch California's First Unscrupulous Athlete Agent — Joel M. Smith

Civil (pdf)

  • Expanding Freedom of Expression for California Renters? — Suni Li Alexander
  • A Twenty-First Century Law for Twenty-First Century Medicine — Andrew Hsieh
  • Charging Stations in Common Areas — Laying the Groundwork for California's Electric Car Infrastructure — Joel M. Smith

Civil Procedure (pdf)

  • The End to Juror Electronic Communications — Kimberley Chow
  • Conservation and Condemnation — Rebecca Tatum

Corporations (pdf)

  • Creating a New Corporate Structure for Philanthropic-Minded Businesses — Eric E. Bonnett

Education (pdf)

  • Authorizing Unlicensed School Employees to Administer Antiseizure Medication to Students with Epilepsy — Rebecca H. Sem
  • The California Dream Act: A Dream (not DREAM) Come True — William Whaley

Elections (pdf)

  • Forget College, You're Popular! A Review of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact — Ronak Patel

Family (pdf)

  • A Clear and Deliberate Step: Chapter 721 Brings Domestic Partnerships Closer to Marriage — Hunter Starr

Fish and Game (pdf)

  • The Ecology and Controversy of Shark‑Fin Soup — Rebecca Tatum

Government (pdf)

  • Solar-Use Easements — Let the Sunshine In — Sara Arfmann
  • Prohibiting Discrimination Based on Genetic Information — Allison L. Cross
  • The Bell Tolls for Local Government Corruption — Mark Freeman

Harbors and Navigation (pdf)

  • Boaters Beware: Chapter 595 Anchors State Lands Commission's Vessel Removal Power — Colin H. Roberts

Health and Safety (pdf)

  • Grandpa's RCFE has a Confession — It's Foreclosed — Mark Freeman

Penal (pdf)

  • Revamping Clemency Procedures and Requirements in California — Christina Bucci
  • Jailhouse Informants' Testimony Gets Scrutiny Commensurate with its Reliability — Peter P. Handy
  • Changing the Process for the Administration of Involuntary Psychotropic Medications to State Inmates — Rebecca Sem
  • Pandora's Lock‑Box: Is the Legislature Locking Handguns in a Box, or Unleashing Concealed Weapons? — Hunter Starr

Public Resources (pdf)

  • Permitting Nonprofits to Save State Parks — Eric E. Bonnett