McGeorge School of Law

McGeorge Law Review | Volume 42

Volume 42 – Issue 3

Review of Selected 2010 California Legislation

Civil (pdf)

  • Extending Social Host Liability: Chapter 154 Seeks to Hold Adults Accountable for Serving Alcohol to Minors — Joseph Fabel
  • Chapter 20: The Shirt Heard 'Round the World' — Colin Sullivan

Civil Procedure (pdf)

  • The Expedited Jury Trials Act: Enhancing Access, Reducing Costs, and Increasing Efficiency — Jeremy P. Ehrlich
  • Chapter 156: A Surgical Procedure to Revive California's Crippled Electronic Service of Process — Allan Woodworth
  • Chapter 64: Assisting Victims of Elder Financial Abuse in Recovering Their Judgment Awards — Ekaterina Deaver

Education (pdf)

  • Taking Advantage of Federal Money: Chapter 11 Allows California Schools to Unambiguously Issue Qualified School Construction Bonds — Carissa Bouwer
  • Chapter 3: Empowering Parents to Win the Race to the Top — Ashley Bonnett

Evidence (pdf)

  • Chapter 106: In Hearsay We "Trust" — Abigail Maurer

Fish and Game (pdf)

  • Expediting the Permitting Process for Desert Solar Projects — Kevin A. James

Government (pdf)

  • Chapter 13: More Money to Players, Brighter Future for Schools — Megan Cosgrove
  • Chapter 18: Enhancing Government Transparency — Julia DeVos
  • Chapter 167: Taking Court Records Management from the Stone Age to the Digital Age — Brian E. Hamilton
  • Chapter 25: One More Step Toward Cityhood for East Los Angeles — Brian E. Hamilton
  • Chapter 22: Another Step Toward Curing Constitutional Deficiencies in California's Prisons — Kirk Wilbur

Health and Safety (pdf)

  • Chapter 521: Overexposed: Radiology Errors Lead to Harm from CT Scans — Christopher Braniff
  • Chapter 19: Requiring a Carbon Monoxide Detector in Every Home — Will Melehani
  • Giving Life: Increasing Organ Donation and Creating an Altruistic Organ Donation Registry — Rebekah Morrissey

Penal (pdf)

  • Chapter 405: The Time No Longer Needs to Fit the Crime for Dying Inmates — Kendra Bertschy
  • No Body Armor for Violent Felons: Chapter 21 Reinstates the James Guelff Act — Scott Walker
  • Chapter 219: Chelsea's Law — Kevin Walkow

Probate (pdf)

  • Chapter 48: Protecting Vulnerable Adults from Predatory Power of Attorney Practices — Ekaterina Deaver

Public Resources (pdf)

  • Chapter 5: The Bottle Bill Budget Band-Aid — Clayton S. McCarl, III
  • Chapter 10: Manufacturing Incentives and Green Technology — Rebekah Morrissey

Revenue and Taxation (pdf)

  • California's Expansion of the Homebuyers' Tax Credit Program: Economic Stimulus or $200 Million Giveaway? — Daniel S. Cucchi

Vehicle (pdf)

  • Chapter 30: Correcting a Drafting Error in California's Latest DUI Law — Michael Malone

Welfare & Institutions (pdf)

  • Chapter 66: Making Small Steps Towards Permanency for Dependent Children — Kendra Bertschy
  • Ending the "Gay Cure": Chapter 379 Deletes Discriminatory Language from the Law — Ashley Porter
Volume 42 – Issue 4