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McGeorge Law Review | Volume 41

Volume 41 – Issue 1


Volume 41 – Issue 2



Volume 41 – Issue 3

Review of Selected 2009 California Legislation

Business and Professions (pdf)


  • Saying Good Night to the Unqualified Practice of Polysomnography — Boryana Georgieva
  • Following Doctors' Orders — Jean-Michel LeCointre
  • Military IDs are Sufficient for the Purchase of Alcohol — Catherine Nystrom

Civil (pdf)

  • Hitting Gangs Where it Hurts the Most: Chapter 244 Helps the Innocent Reclaim Their Homes — Eric Brenneman
  • Does Opportunity Knock — The California Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2009 — Michael F. Hearn
  • The Buyer's Choices Act — Bahara Hosseini

Civil Procedure (pdf)

  • The California Anti-Libel Tourism Act — Adam Cate

Education (pdf)

  • Trading the Cap and Gown for Dress Blues: Chapter 296 Makes Traditional Graduation Dress Optional for Active Military Grads — Catherine Nystrom
  • Digital Textbooks to the Rescue — Seth Reagan
  • Harvey Milk Day: Chapter 626 Gives a Controversial Figure's Birthday Special Significance for California Public Schools — Kristin Weigle

Evidence (pdf)

  • Posthumous Application of the Attorney-Client Privilege — Justin Delacruz

Government (pdf)

  • Awarding Our Fallen Service Officers: Chapter 462 Creates Golden Shield Award for Those Killed in the Line of Duty — Eric Brenneman
  • Superior Court Judges Allowed to Keep Their Job Perks from the Counties — Skylar Curtis
  • Clarifying the Legislature's Intent Regarding Notification to Public Safety Officers of Proposed Discipline — Adam Guernsey
  • Chapter 4 to the Rescue: California Attempts to Prevent the Unjust Reallocation of Local Sales and Use Taxes — Bahara Hosseini
  • Of Prison Beds and Budget Woes — Christian Misenas
  • Expanding the Stolen Valor Act within California — Farid Sharaby
  • Wind Energy Gets an Overhaul — Steve Stratton
  • Emergency Notifications — Steve Stratton
  • Correcting a Subtle Technical Oversight in CERL — Edmund Yan

Health and Safety (pdf)

  • Beyond Seinfeld's Good Samaritan Debacle: Protecting Citizens Who Render Care at the Scene of an Accident from Civil Liability — Scott Mallery
  • Weakening the Sting of COBRA's Bite — Brooke Tomlinson

Insurance (pdf)

  • A Structure for the Transfer of Structured Settlements — Corrie Erickson

Labor (pdf)

  • A Little Goes a Long Way: Chapter 3 Provides Small but Significant Changes to Alternative Workweek Schedule Laws — Carolyn Gemma
  • I Can Make You a Star — Ashley Lavon Hines

Penal (pdf)

  • All's Fair in Love and Procedural Vagueness — Skylar Curtis
  • Waiving Licensure Requirements to Allow Marriage and Family Therapists to Gain Qualifying Experience — Gregory Hynes
  • California's Dedicated Mortgage Fraud Statute — Nadia Mahallati
  • See You Later, Alligator — Not Until 2015 — Brooke Tomlinson
  • California's Initiative to Stop Inhalant Abuse Among Minors — Edmund Yan

Public Contract (pdf)

  • Spreading the Word on Loss Leaders — Adam Cate

Public Utilities (pdf)

  • San Francisco and Hetch Hetchy — Reaching beyond the Sun — Jessica R. Lee

Revenue and Taxation (pdf)

  • Run Home to Hollywood — Run to California — Ashley Lavon Hines
  • California's New-Home Tax Credit: Rekindling the Dream for a Place of One's Own — Jessica R. Lee

Unemployment Insurance (pdf)

  • Extending Benefits for the Chronically Unemployed — Krystal Collins