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Volume 40 – Issue 2

Review of Selected 2008 California Legislation

Business and Professions (pdf)

  • Chapter 18: Expanding Cultural Education for Those under Twenty—One — William Kramer
  • Chapter 25: Upon Review, the California Legislature Establishes a Uniform Definition of Licentiate — Marvin H. Stroud
  • Heard it through the Grapevine: Chapter 28 Saves California Wine Competition from Prohibition—Era Law — Christopher Stipes
  • Patriotic Inebriation: Reducing Alcohol—Related Issues on the Truckee River during the Fourth of July — Rebecca Rabovsky

Civil (pdf)

  • Chapter 23: Extending Qualified Immunity to Marriage and Family Therapy Schools — Alexis Klein
  • Chapter 278: Protecting Californians from Predatory Rescue — Vincent G. Buehler

Civil Procedure (pdf)

  • Chapter 49: No Jail for Victims of Domestic Violence — David Wiksell

Education (pdf)

  • Battling the Bulge: Chapter 32 Clarifies Requirements for P.E. Exemptions — Alex Harary
  • Chapter 578: Reducing the Discretion of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing — Rebecca Rabovsky

Food and Agriculture (pdf)

  • Chapter 424: Terminating Pestering Litigation, or a Paper Pesticide — Vincent G. Buehler

Government (pdf)

  • What Goes Down May Come up: Public Bond Issuers Facing Soaring Interest Rates Turn to Chapter 3 for Relief — Ira Steinberg
  • Chapter 8: Ensuring that Lottery Sales Translate into Million Dollar Dreams for California Students — Amber M. Burroff
  • Regional Housing Needs Assessment and Boundary Changes: Responsibility Comes with the Territory — Kevin C. Menes
  • Chapter 21: Extinguishing Mandatory Retirement Requirements for Firefighters...Finally — Stephanie R. Hartung
  • Chapter 60: Long—Term Care or a Band—Aid for California's Emergency Medical and Pediatric Trauma Care Crisis — Evelyn Grosenick
  • Chapter 361: Ensuring Assistance for All Disaster Victims — William Kramer

Health and Safety (pdf)

  • Safety First: Childproof Not Always the Safest Option — Tiffany D. Corona
  • Chapter 207: California's Fight against Trans Fats — Daniel Shelton
  • Chapter 554: Protecting California's First Responders — Michael Ritter

Military and Veterans (pdf)

  • Traumatic Brain Injury Screening for the Armed Forces — Chol Daniel Kim

Penal (pdf)

  • Chapter 16: Expanding the Pilot Program that Assists Indigent Inmates after Release — Chol Daniel Kim
  • Chapter 38: Gang Related Nuisance Proves Costly for Gang Members — Julia Y. Capozzi
  • Identity Thieves Get More than They Bargained for: Victim's Venue — Nathaniel H. Clark
  • Chapter 89: Rescuing 911 — Christina M. Eastman
  • Chapter 119: Bump Keys Break into the Penal Code — David Wiksell
  • Abusers Beware: Legislators up Penalty for Violating a Protective or Stay—Away Order Involving Elder or Dependent Adults — Derrick Thomas
  • Chapter 184 and Salvia Divinorum: Electric Kool—Aid Salvia Tests — Corin Saxton
  • From Downer Cattle to Mystery Meat: Chapter 194 is California's Response to the Largest Beef Recall in History — Andrenna L. Taylor
  • Chapter 346: Increasing Protection from Knuckle Weapons — Daniel Shelton
  • Chapter 431: Reinforcing California's Non—Tolerance to Trademark Counterfeiting — Mani Partheesh

Probate (pdf)

  • For the Love of Dog: California Fully Enforces Trusts for Pet Animals — Christina M. Eastman
  • Chapter 174: Devising a New Statutory Scheme for California's No Contest Clauses — Kara Rosenberg Cain

Public Resources (pdf)

  • Upstream Struggle: California Attempts to Salvage Wild Salmon and Steelhead Trout — Nathaniel H. Clark

Revenue and Taxation (pdf)

  • Chapter 17 to the Rescue: California's Surcharge on Voice over Internet Protocol to Aid the Health of the 911 Emergency Fund — Kara Rosenberg Cain

Streets and Highways (pdf)

  • Chapter 6: Continuing the Forty—Year Tradition of Golf Cart Usage in the City of La Verne — Stephanie R. Hartung

Vehicle (pdf)

  • Chapter 26: Transportation Officers Authorized to Combat Bandit Taxicabs — Seth Benkle

Welfare and Institutions (pdf)

  • Chapter 2: Criminal Background Checks for Recipients of In—Home Supportive Services — Julia Y. Capozzi
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