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McGeorge Law Review | Volume 39

Volume 39 — Issue 1



Volume 39 — Issue 2
Review of Selected 2007 California Legislation

Business and Professions (pdf)

  • Catching Up to the California Medical Board: The Dental Board of California May Take Action against Registered Sex Offenders — Pritee K. Thakarsey
  • Chapter 17: Giving San Francisco a Leg to Stand on in UCL Actions — Robert Carlin
  • All Dried Up: Summer Holiday Prohibition on the Lower American River — Isaac T. Bacher

Civil (pdf)

  • Chapter 32: Bringing Down the Hammer on Type I Indemnity Agreements in Construction Contracts — Brett E. Bitzer

Civil Procedure (pdf)

  • Phoning It In: Chapter 268 Allows Court Appearances by Telephone — Preston L. Morgan
  • Chapter 436: More than Just a Clean—Up Bill — Chad Bacchus
  • Chapter 567: Saying I Do to Name Changes by Husbands and Domestic Partners — Yury Kolesnikov
  • Chapter 115: Time to Pay the Typer — Daniel J. Boyle

Education (pdf)

  • Chapter 12: Public Health Nurses can again Assist Special Needs Children in Schools — Melissa A. Meth

Elections (pdf)

  • California Wants More Clout: Moving the Presidential Primary to February — Pritee K. Thakarsey

Family (pdf)

  • Chapter 205: Including Pets in Domestic Violence Protective Orders — Regina Cabral Jones

Government (pdf)

  • Chapter 6: Curing Bond Errors and Saving Taxpayers Money — Philip Lee
  • California's Response to Its Prison Overcrowding Crisis — David Muradyan
  • Coordinated Land Use Planning Not Enough to Improve Housing Supply — Matt Cody

Health and Safety (pdf)

  • Chapter 683: Extending Whistleblower Protections to Members of the Medical Staff of Health Facilities — Regina Cabral Jones
  • Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act: Bringing California Donation Law up to Contemporary Medical, Legal, and Bioethical Practices — Jacqueline Zee
  • Missing Angels Act: Recognizing the Birth of Stillborn Babies — Colleen Snyder
  • Toy Story: Timeout for Phthalates — James Bothwell
  • Chapter 550: Relaxing Consent Requirements for HIV Testing — Colleen Snyder

Penal (pdf)

  • Chapter 34: Hitting Criminal Street Gangs Where it Hurts — Their Wallets — Philip Lee
  • Fixing California Sentencing Law — The Problem with Piecemeal Reform — Stephanie Watson
  • Chapter 252: Helping to Manage California's Overcrowded Jails — Robert Carlin
  • Getting the Full Report on Proposed Conservators — Alanna Lungren
  • Firearm Microstamping: A Bullet with a Name On It — David Muradyan
  • One Gang to Rule Them All — Alanna Lungren

Public Utilities (pdf)

  • Fixing an Unintended Flaw: Mandatory Time—of—Use Rates Hindering the California Solar Initiative — Jacqueline Zee

Revenue and Tax (pdf)

  • Chapter 1: California Fallen Firefighters Assistance Tax Clarification Act of 2006 — Serena Crouch

Vehicle (pdf)

  • Keeping Cheaters Honest: Banning Products Designed to Evade Image Capture by Automated Enforcement Systems — Oona Mallet
  • Chapter 219: Patching up the Loophole in Contract Cancellation Option Agreements — Yury Kolesnikov

Welfare and Institutions (pdf)

  • Anti-Gang Violence Parenting Classes: Early Parental Involvement Versus Career Criminals — Corey Ordonez
  • Family Connections and Young Rehabilitation Act of 2007: No Room for Retribution — Stephanie Watson
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