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The University of the Pacific Law Review is a student-run, scholarly journal published on a quarterly basis, containing articles written by members of the bar and bench, legal analysis and commentary on cutting-edge transnational issues, student-authored comments, and student-authored reviews of recently enacted California legislation.

Board of Editors — Volume 51
  • Hayley E. Graves — Editor-in-Chief
  • DJ Mico — Chief Managing Editor
  • Amy Seilliere — Chief Technical Editor
  • Jade Gasek — Chief Comment Editor
  • Thomas A. Gerhart, — Chief Legislation Editor
  • MaryJo Smart — Chief Articles & Symposium Editor
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The University of the Pacific Law Review is currently accepting submissions from academicians and practicing attorneys. The University of the Pacific Law Review also welcomes submissions that specifically respond to any piece published by the journal over the past five years. Please submit articles via Scholastica (below) or by email to All submissions should be in MS Word format. Authors should provide a curriculum vitae and a cover letter with the author's name, affiliation, address, phone number, and email address.

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