McGeorge School of Law

Global Business & Development Law Journal Volume 28

Dear McGeorge Legal Community and Subscribers:

The Board of Editors of the McGeorge Global Business & Development Law Journal (“the Globe”) is proud to present Volume 28. In furtherance of legal scholarship, Volume 28 is dedicated to the publication of scholarly legal analysis and commentary on international law to assist legal practitioners around the world.

Volume 28 promises to be the most ambitious effort put forth by the Globe to date. It consists of two issues. The first issue is dedicated to the role that international law plays in a human rights era. The publication explores this emerging issue through the Brandeis Institute for International Judges 2013 Report titled, “The International Rule of Law in a Human Rights Era.” The first issue was released in Fall of 2014.

The second issue will be comprised of the largest body of work on international law printed in a single issue since the founding of the law journal in 1988. This is laudable for both the sheer number of high-quality articles and student-written comments that will be published and the breadth and scope of topics that will be covered. For example, Volume 28 will contain five individually written articles and a symposium article that previews the scholarship of several different authors, as well as seven student-written comments.

The content will range from human rights issues to developments in transnational commerce. By way of illustration, subscribers will enjoy reading edited transcripts and conference-panel discussions derived from a symposium on “Injury as a Cultural Practice,” in addition to a student-comment that examines the United States’ reluctance to prosecute suspected génocidaires for the crime of genocide. For those with an interest in recent developments in global business, a comparative study on Brazil’s Clean Companies Act and the OECD anti-bribery laws is a timely student-written piece. This is just a brief preview, there is so much more contained in the second issue of Volume 28, to be released in Spring 2015. The Board of Editors anxiously awaits the publication of this robust issue.

In closing, a very special thanks to the Administration, Faculty, Associate Editors, Staff Writers, and Staff Editors for your invaluable contribution to the publication of Volume 28.


Tiangay Kemokai
Editor-in-Chief, McGeorge Global Business & Development Law Journal: Vol. 28