McGeorge School of Law

March 2000 Initiatives

  • Proposition 1A — Gambling on Tribal Lands (initiative passed)
  • Proposition 17 — Lotteries. Charitable Raffles (initiative passed)
  • Proposition 18 — Murder: Special Circumstances (initiative passed)
  • Proposition 19 — Murder. BART and CSU Peace Officers (initiative passed)
  • Proposition 20 — California State Lottery. Allocation for Instructional Materials. (initiative passed)
  • Proposition 21 — Juvenile Crime (initiative passed)
  • Proposition 22 — Limits on Marriages (initiative passed)
  • Proposition 23 — "None of the Above" Ballot Option (initiative did not pass)
  • Proposition 25 — Election Campaigns. Contributions and Spending Limits. Public Financing. Disclosures. (initiative did not pass)
  • Proposition 26 — School Facilities. Local Majority Vote. Bonds, Taxes (initiative did not pass)
  • Proposition 27 — Voluntary Term Limits Declarations for Congressional Candidates (initiative did not pass)
  • Proposition 28 — Repeal of Proposition 10 Tobacco Surtax (initiative did not pass)
  • Proposition 29 — 1998 Indian Gaming Compacts. Referendum Statute. (initiative passed)
  • Propositions 30 & 31 — The Insurance Bad Faith Referrenda (initiative did not pass)

The March 2000 Initiative Reviews were prepared under the supervision of J. Clark Kelso (Director, Institute for Legislative Practice) and Deborah Kiley (Director of Operations, Institute for Legislative Practice).

The views expressed herein are solely the views of the authors and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the McGeorge School of Law.

For the complete text of the above initiatives, visit the California Secretary of State's website at