McGeorge School of Law

2004 November Initiatives

  • Proposition 1A — Protection of Local Government Revenues. (initiative passed)
  • Proposition 59 — Public Records, Open Meetings. (initiative passed)
  • Proposition 60 — Election Rights of Political Parties. (initiative passed)
  • Proposition 60A — Surplus Property. (initiative passed)
  • Proposition 61 — Children's Hospital Projects. Grant Program. Bond Act. (initiative passed)
  • Proposition 62 —Elections. Primaries. (initiative did not pass)
  • Proposition 63 —Mental Health Services Expansion, Funding. Tax on Personal Incomes Above $1 Million. (initiative passed)
  • Proposition 64 — Limits of Private Enforcement of Unfair Business Competition Laws. (initiative passed)
  • Proposition 65 — Local Government Funds, Revenues, State Mandates. (initiative did not pass)
  • Proposition 66 — Limitations on "Three Strikes" Law. Sex Crimes. Punishment. (initiative did not pass)
  • Proposition 67 — Emergency Medical Services. Funding. Telephone Surcharge. (initiative did not pass)
  • Proposition 68 — Non-Tribal Commercial Gambling Expansion. Tribal Gaming Compact Amendments. Revenues, Tax Exemptions. (initiative did not pass)
  • Proposition 69 —DNA Samples. Collection. Database. Funding. (initiative passed)
  • Proposition 70 — Tribal Gaming Compacts. Exclusive Gaming Rights. Contributions to State. (initiative did not pass)
  • Proposition 71 — Stem Cell Research. Funding. Bonds. (initiative passed)
  • Proposition 72 — Health Care Coverage Requirements. Referendum. (initiative did not pass)

For the complete text of the above initiatives, visit the California secretary of state's website.

The November 2004 Initiative Reviews were prepared under the supervision of Mary-Beth Moylan, Assistant Director, Appellate Advocacy and Lecturer in Law, for the Capital Center for Government and Policy/Governmental Affairs Program.

The views expressed herein are solely the views of the authors and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the McGeorge School of Law.