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Profile: Leah Parrish

Leah Parrish
Leah Parrish

Class of 2018

Negotiation Team Champion

Hometown: Fair Oaks, California
Undergraduate: UC Santa Cruz
Major: Political Science / Education

"I have had such amazing experiences with our professor's every single year — and not just in the classroom."

In February 2018, Leah Parrish '18 was part of the team that won the ABA Law Student Division Negotiation Competition Finals, held Feb. 2-3 in Chicago, IL, with Doug Leach '18!

Leah is originally from Sacramento. Though given the freedom to choose a career path that suits her, Leah, like her parents before her, is in the evening program at McGeorge. She states, "Both of my parents happen to be McGeorge grads of the evening program too! I was really sold on being able to work full-time while also going to school. I don't think we talk nearly enough about how amazing our evening program is!"

Both of Leah's parents work in the legal profession, but neither of them pushed her to pursue law school. She recalls, "in college, I took a lot of education classes that shed light on the policy issues around public education, specifically grades K-12, that really frustrated me. I knew I had no interest in teaching but still wanted to make a difference on a large scale. I figured law school would be the best place to start in effectuating the change I wanted to see."

Throughout law school, Leah has had the support and love of her family. Leah gushes, "I'm the youngest of five in a messy, blended, beautiful family. My siblings and all four of my parents are really my best friends. I have a wonderful support system including my family and amazing boyfriend, Evan, who has been feeding me, doing my laundry, and pretending to listen to me when I practice oral arguments for the past three years. Without them, this whole law school thing would be impossible!"

Leah is by nature a very competitive person who enjoys exercising and playing sports. She played college basketball at University of California Santa Cruz. She now runs triathlons and half marathons. She mentions, "I've gotten third place in one triathlon, so I've decided to make that my new 'competitive thing.'"

Leah is also on the negotiations team at McGeorge. She recalls, "I took Negotiations and Settlements with Professor Adrienne Brungess my first summer and loved the idea of learning how to collaborate in the legal profession, which we're in a sense geared to understand only as adversary. Professor Brungess suggested trying out for the team, and I'm so glad she did. It has been a wonderful experience!"

Aside from participating in the negotiations team, Leah appreciates her consistently positive experiences with her professors. She exclaims, "I have had such amazing experiences with our professor's every single year--and not just in the classroom. I feel so comfortable reaching out to any of my professor's for advice on life, school, and careers. They are more than willing to make time to help and talk with me. I am very aware of how many hours our professors put in not just to be available for the day students, but they also commit their weekends, evenings, and even very early mornings before work to ensure that we feel like we're getting everything we need to be successful."

Leah will graduate this December and hopes to eventually work as a lobbyist, specifically advocating for public education K-12 funding reallocation. Leah adds, "Prior to that, I'd like to work for a District Attorney's office...anything to give my dogs a more comfortable life!"