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Profile: Henry Mantel

Henry Mantel
Henry Mantel

Class of 2019

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Undergraduate: Brandeis University
Major: East Asian Studies and Creative Writing

Born in New York City, Henry grew up in Los Angeles and then attended Brandeis University, located just outside of Boston where he studied creative writing and East Asian studies.

While at Brandeis, Henry played rugby and studied abroad in Japan for one year. He thought that the cultural immersion would set him up for an international career, but the experience proved to be a lesson about his passion to be part of the change on his home turf. At the time, Henry was inspired by the 2014 presidential election. "I found myself paying much more rapt attention to United States political news than my Japanese surroundings." Upon his return stateside, Henry promised himself that he would test the waters for a career in politics.

Since then, Henry has worked on Will Brownsberger's congressional campaign in Massachusetts, Martha Coakley's Massachusetts gubernatorial campaign, Matt Miller's congressional campaign in L.A. and Carolyn Ramsay's campaign for L.A. City Council. He has also done fundraising for MassPIRG, Environment Massachusetts, MoveLA, the United Way of Greater Los Angeles and The International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Henry claims that the act of campaigning and fundraising has brought him outside of his shell and strengthened his people skills.

"It forces you to engage with people and to be attuned to what they want," Henry said.

It has also gifted him with a desire to be part of the change. "I am passionate about fighting for wealth and income equality, net neutrality and criminal justice reforms." After McGeorge, Henry plans to return to Los Angeles to pursue a political career.

Henry was working for Judge Paul Bacigalupo, a Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge and McGeorge alum, when he learned about the benefits of pursuing a law degree at McGeorge. With Judge Bacigalupo's advice, Henry applied to McGeorge and became eager to bolster his political skillset and to live in Sacramento — the state capitol and what he describes as a hot-bed of political action. Henry appreciates that McGeorge has a campus and a quad tucked away in tree-lined North Oak Park which facilitates student bonding. And, he enjoys the more relaxed vibe and community oriented nature of Sacramento-it is quiet enough to allow for him to focus on his studies.

So far, he has been impressed by the quality of the teaching at McGeorge. His property Professor "blew his socks off." Henry is eager to continue his McGeorge journey until he graduates in 2019.