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Profile: Anete Millers

Anete Millers
Anete Millers

Class of 2019

Legal Analyst, Office of the Attorney General
Hometown: Anderson, California
Undergraduate: CSU Sacramento
Major: Communication Studies

Anete is a first generation American--the first person in her family to be born in the United States--so her family's Latvian roots still hold a very prevalent and important place in their lives. "I am fluent in Latvian, which was my first language, and I still use it frequently with my family. I learned English later during my childhood."

Anete grew up sharing a small house with a large family, so she learned early on how to effectively manage conflicts and tackle issues head-on, which prepared her well for a future in the legal field. From dancing, singing and playing piano, to painting and sketching, Anete always enjoyed expressing herself in creative ways and building up her confidence through these avenues. Her mother sang in a traveling choir group, her father was a writer, and her siblings each played at least one instrument, so she was no stranger to innovation and creative thinking. "In many ways, my childhood experiences prepared me for a future in law, because my passion for writing, my vivid imagination, and my desire to serve a bigger purpose have all paved the way for this kind of career."

Anete's career dreams span a wide array of possibilities, and there are many opportunities that she wants to dabble in, but she has known since childhood that the law would hold an important place in her future. "My decision to attend law school was mine alone, but there were some positive influencers in my life who brought that dream to fruition. There are two people that I would consider my heroine and my hero--my mother and my late father." Her late father went to law school and earned his Juris Doctor, but he did not finish the bar exam, so he never became a licensed attorney. Even so, he still held jobs at two San Francisco law firms during the week and commuted to Anderson to visit his family every weekend--three hours there and three hours back. "He was dedicated, loving, supportive, and highly intelligent."

Anete hopes to follow in his footsteps and finish what he started, picking up the various pieces of the dreams he left behind. "He lost his battle with cancer when I was nine years old, so he was not there to witness most of my milestones--my college graduation, my acceptance to law school, etc.--but his influence lives on and serves as my guide in many difficult situations."

Anete considers her mom to be her heroine and her inspiration. "She is one of the strongest individuals I have ever known, and I can only hope to measure up to her someday. She has supported every dream and every goal of her children, and she has been there during every failure to lift me back up and tell me to keep going." Anete credits her own independence and goal-oriented outlook to her mother, who survived the hardships of growing up in the Soviet Union, and raised four children alone after the passing of her husband. "My mom taught me early on that the only way out of something is to get through it. I have applied that concept to my life ever since, and while the challenges of law school have certainly put that concept to the test, it still rings true."

Anete graduated from California State University, Sacramento, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies. She chose a Public Relations Concentration and minored in Journalism, due to her love of writing. In the span of time between her Sacramento State graduation and the beginning of her legal education at McGeorge, Anete attended night school to obtain a certificate and degree in paralegal studies, and simultaneously set her legal career in motion. "In 2013, during my time in the paralegal program, I started working as an office manager at a labor and employment law firm, mainly to get my foot in the door. Working in the legal field only solidified my desire to become an attorney, and that is how I knew that law school would end up being the next logical step."

Anete chose McGeorge both for its well-known evening program and its convenient location in the city she has called home since 2011. Working full-time and attending law school is at the top of her list of most difficult, yet rewarding, things she has accomplished in her life thus far. However, Anete constantly learns, grows, and appreciates the challenges that come with it. "Having to balance my time between work, school, and life in general has definitely presented a variety of challenges, but it has also tested my strength and abilities in a way that turned me into a more well-rounded human being." Anete is also a member of the Criminal Law Society, the Trial Advocacy Association, and the Moot Court Honors Board for the 2017-2018 school year.

When Anete is not working or going to school, she tries to explore her hobbies and spend as much time as possible with her friends and loved ones. "My friends and family would describe me as a persevering, goal-oriented individual with a funny, outgoing personality and a penchant for sarcasm. I just enjoy making people laugh. Being serious has its place in life, but so does humor and entertainment."

Anete is also as an aspiring writer. She has a large collection of unfinished poetry, short stories, and novel excerpts that she hopes to turn into completed pieces. "Currently, I write blurbs in my spare time based on events, dreams, or relationships that inspire some kind of idea or theme, but I hope to someday turn those blurbs into larger, cohesive works that I can publish."

When it comes to future career prospects and plans to settle down in a specific location, Anete does not consider herself much of a long-term planner. "I tend to live my life through bursts of inspiration and intuitive pathfinding. I see myself becoming a criminal prosecutor after law school, but there are many other possibilities that also seem interesting. Location-wise, where I will end up remains a mystery, but I am definitely open to exploring new cities."