McGeorge School of Law

Keith Smith

Associate Professor, Political Science at University of the Pacific
Keith Smith
Phone: 209.946.7712

BA, Political Science, Pepperdine University
Master of Public Management, University of Maryland
Master of Arts, Political Science, University of California Berkeley
PhD, Political Science, University of California Berkeley


An associate professor of Political Science at the University of the Pacific, Professor Smith will teach regularly in the McGeorge public policy program.  He will most frequently teach Public Policy Statistics and Public Policy Research Tools.

A graduate of Pepperdine University, with a Master of Public Management from the University of Maryland, and then a PhD in Political Science at UC Berkeley, Dr. Smith has spent his career studying the intersection of public policy, political institutions, and public administration. While at the University of Maryland, Dr. Smith focused on social welfare policy, where he worked on welfare and low-income housing issues, in addition to a broader training in administrative processes and management. 

While at UC Berkeley, Dr. Smith's work focused on the ways in which political institutions interact to create public policies. His dissertation, which was nominated for the APSA Leonard D. White Award for best dissertation in public administration, examined how the U.S. Congress seeks to monitor and influence the behavior of federal administrative agencies. 

More recently, Dr. Smith has worked on questions of elections administration, studying the impact of different electoral reforms at the state and local level. He is currently working on a book assessing the impact of the top-two system of elections used by California and Washington.