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Profile: Tiffany Sala

Tiffany Sala
Tiffany Sala

Class of 2018

Hometown: Roseville, CA
Undergraduate: UC Davis
Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

While Tiffany Sala has excelled at McGeorge, she had not considered attending law school when she was a junior at UC Davis. "I was fully prepared to go to medical school. I wanted to become a neurosurgeon. One night, while I was up late studying for a Biochemistry midterm, I took a YouTube break and began watching a string of random videos. I came across a video of Professor John Myers giving a speech at Penn State and could not stop watching...I disagreed with everything he said. So, at four in the morning in my tiny Davis apartment, I sent Professor Myers an email telling him just that. I woke up the next morning with an email from Professor Myers asking me to come meet him and some of the faculty at McGeorge. At nineteen years old, I began attending classes and visiting McGeorge weekly. I fell in love with everything about the campus, the people, and the idea of law school."

Tiffany is very family orientated, so she wanted to stay near her family in Roseville. "That is why I chose UC Davis for undergrad and then McGeorge for law school. Though unlike UC Davis, I liked McGeorge because it had a close-knit atmosphere."

Tiffany has two siblings, one 10 months older and one 10 months younger.

"My ultimate goal in life is to have a family and raise kids just as my parents did. My mom and dad are my inspiration. After finding a school I loved so much, I knew three years of law school would fit with my life dreams more than the many more years of medical school. I knew I wanted to be around people helping them directly, not in a lab with hundreds of test tubes or performing surgeries for hours. It really opened my eyes to what I want in life."

She is heavily involved in the McGeorge community, participating in the Mock Trial Team, Inns of Court, Family Law Club, ADR Club, and Intellectual Property Club. "Professor Bricker actually asked me to be on the Mock Trial Team! I don't think that's ever happened before in her time teaching at McGeorge. It was a huge honor."

Tiffany is also a Primary/Greensheets Editor for the University of the Pacific Law Review. Her Greensheets publication discussed developing a parental leave program for high school students. Her Comment, to be published this year, argues for greater protection to domestic violence victims. She currently holds a judicial externship position at the 3rd District Court of Appeal with Justice Robie.

Because of this gratifying experience, Tiffany hopes to pursue a career in civil litigation. "I'm really enjoying my externship at the Court of Appeal, so I could see myself at the Attorney General's office or circling back to appellate work at the 3DCA."