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Profile: Tiffani Thomas

Tiffani Thomas
Tiffani Thomas

Class of 2018

JD Student

Hometown: Reno, Nevada
Undergraduate: University of Nevada-Reno
Major: Political Science and Government
Year/Track: 2018

Tiffani Thomas became part of the McGeorge family in August 2015. While she was born and raised on a cattle ranch in South Dakota, she spent the first half of her childhood in Wyoming. Her family then moved to Reno, Nevada where she attended both middle school and high school.

After the tragic events of 9/11, she decided to serve her country by enlisting in the United States Air Force as a Chinese Linguist. She was trained in the military as a Chinese Linguist and has even spent time in Taiwan where she was recruited and competed as a hair model for a national competition.

While the military was a great experience for her, she knew that she ultimately wanted to go back to school and finish her degree. After completing four years of active duty, she moved to Alaska for a year and went to school at the University of Alaska, Anchorage. After deciding Alaska was not the best fit given the often dark and gloomy winter months, she moved to Reno, Nevada to complete her Bachelor's degree in Political Science. She then went on to complete a Master's degree in Asian History with an additional Master's degree Certificate in Gender, Race, and Identity.

Shortly after defending her thesis, she graduated and decided she needed another change of scenery. Tiffani moved to Maryland, working for a nonprofit organization as a Civil/Legal Advocate in the Annapolis District Courthouse. During her time in the courthouse, she spent the majority of her efforts in assisting people through the process of obtaining peace/protective orders and emergency psychiatric evaluations. This exposure to the legal system led her towards pursuing a career in law.

Because of the fortunate opportunity of having her own personal office in the courthouse, she was able to spend a considerable amount of time each day in the courtroom. Listening to cases while working in the Annapolis District Courthouse bolstered her desire to pursue a career in law. It was this experience that showed Tiffani how important the legal field can be to the everyday lives of many people. She realized that practicing law was a perfect way to make a powerful difference in the community.

Because she knew that she wanted to practice law in California, McGeorge was a natural choice. She also knows many people who have graduated from McGeorge and gone on to have successful careers. In addition to that, she attended the "Admitted Students Day" and felt the welcoming and supportive nature of the faculty and staff. To Tiffani, the "best thing so far about McGeorge is the community" that she is surrounded by. She feels that her "classmates, along with the faculty and alumni, have all come together to foster an environment with a focus on academics, but also an emphasis on the next phase-- life after law school."

While Tiffani has an interest in International Law, she is opened to exploring different types of law where she can use her foreign language skills, advocacy training, and familiarity with diverse cultures.