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Profile: Rosemary Deck

Rosemary Deck
Rosemary Deck

Class of 2018

Executive Director, Public Legal Service Society (PLSS)
Hometown: Toronto, ON, Canada
Undergraduate: Humboldt State University
Major: Political Science

Rosemary Deck is originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She moved to Northern California in 2009 after falling in love with the redwoods in Humboldt County. Outside of Canada, Humboldt County is home for her; she loves the redwoods, the beaches, and the rivers. She went to College of the Redwoods before graduating from Humboldt State with a bachelor's in Political Science.

Rosemary is a very active member of the McGeorge community. She is the Executive Director of the Public Legal Service Society (PLSS). The club raises funds through a silent auction to fund summer grants for students working in unpaid legal public service internships. This year, the club was able to fund 28 grants for an average $2500.

In addition to that, she sits on the executive board for the Law Students for Reproductive Justice club. After winning the 1L Moot Court Competition for Best Brief and Best Advocate, she served as a 2L research assistant to the Moot Court Honors Board. She competed in the All McGeorge Mock Trial Competition for the Trial Advocacy Honors Team.

She has also participated in the University of the Pacific Law Review as a Comment Staff Writer and will be a Primary Comment Editor for 2016/2017. Her Comment was called "Grown Up Justice Isn't Child's Play: The Case for a Data Driven Reassessment of Civil Commitment for Juvenile Sex Offenders." I will be a judicial extern in the chambers of the Honorable Magistrate Judge Allison Claire for the Eastern District of California in Spring of 2017.

As an undergrad and rising 2L, she interned with the Humboldt County Public Defenders. She will be returning this summer to represent her own misdemeanor clients as a certified law student.

Because of her interest in criminal justice, Rosemary's roommate helped steer her towards law school. While she was an undergraduate, she lived with a McGeorge alumni who pushed her to pursue her passion for civil rights and criminal defense. Knowing that he went to McGeorge was a great endorsement. Moreover, she chose McGeorge because of "the faculty. They are so accessible and eager to engage with the students."

Over the last year, Rosemary has served as Professor Michael Vitiello's Research Assistant. While "it was challenging to balance working 20 hrs a week of working for him with moot court, law review, and PLSS, tt was so rewarding to assist Professor Vitiello in editing his law review articles and papers." She researched a variety of issues for him, including sentencing, marijuana, international plea bargaining, sexual assault, and discovery.

Rosemary has been appreciative of this wonderful opportunity, stating, "he was my faculty advisor for my law review Comment. One of the best things about McGeorge for me was having to opportunity to work so closely with a professor and learn about academia and scholarship. Balancing work with school is nothing new for me. I worked throughout my undergrad and held internships. Law school has really solidified my time management skills out of necessity."

Rosemary hopes clerk after graduation. After that, she wants to be a public defender. She mentions, "I'm also interested in academia. My dream job in 15-20 years would be working for the ACLU or teaching criminal procedure at a law school. I'm really passionate about social justice so no matter what I'll be involved in public service."

Aside from law school, Rosemary plays guitar and sings in a band called Ginger Grae, along with a few science professors from her alma mater, Humboldt State. Every so often, they play shows in Eureka, CA.