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Profile: Randy Tong

Randy Wayne Tong
Randy Tong

Class of 2017

Lieutenant, U.S. Coast Guard
Hometown: Sacramento, California
Undergraduate: UC Davis
Major: Clinical Nutrition

Randy Tong graduated with Distinction in May 2017 and he also received an Outstanding Student Achievement Award. He was the Chief Articles Editor of Volume 48 of the University of the Pacific Law Review.

Randy was born and raised in Sacramento, California. He went to high school down the street from McGeorge School of Law at C.K. McClatchy High School (CKM). While at CKM, he completed the Humanities and International Studies Program. He also attended UC Davis and graduated with a degree in Clinical Nutrition.

While at UC Davis, Randy was part of the UC Davis Boxing team. "It was a great experience and [it] helped me develop a strong work ethic and the ability to maintain focus that I still use today in law school." He enjoyed the physical challenges of the sport as well as the camaraderie, admitting that he "loved boxing and training every day for hours on end with his team." Boxing taught him how discipline, a strong work ethic, and an ability to focus are fundamental to a law student. Those lessons continued to help Randy work full-time while attending the evening program at McGeorge; he admits he is very busy: "I spent most of my free time devoting it to my legal studies and other law school obligations (such as Law Review)."

Randy enjoys staying active. He completed the GoRUCK Challenge event in 2013 during his first semester of law school. The event Randy participated in was an extremely physical and mental challenge, which involved completing a variety of physical challenges for 14 straight hours. One challenge that is forever etched into Randy's memory was one that occurred at about 3:00 a.m. in the freezing waters of the American River that lasted for nearly an hour.

Randy enjoys pushing his limits. And while he admits the GoRUCK Challenge event was grueling, his most difficult mental challenge was being in law school. "It was one of the most challenging experiences in my life but if I had to do it all over again, I would!"

Randy decided to go to law school after his involvement in a six-month long work project. At that time, he was working on a project that involved three attorneys, two of whom happened to be McGeorge alumni. He recalls how "they had such a positive impression on [him] and the work they engaged in was so interesting that it immediately clicked that [he] needed to go to McGeorge."

Attending McGeorge was an easy decision for Randy. "This is a great city and McGeorge adds to why Sacramento is an amazing place to live. McGeorge has a great connection with the Capitol as well as the state government agencies." He also enjoyed being part of McGeorge's evening program since "it allows [him] to work full-time while earning a law degree."

After graduation, Randy hoped to work as a Judge Advocate for the United States Coast Guard, and that is where he now works. During his last year of law school Randy worked at a state agency and loves the environment and work that is involved with public service and would love to change his role into a legal one. His desire to work as a Judge Advocate for the United States Coast Guard stems from a USCG summer internship during 2015.

Prior to serving as Chief Articles Editor for McGeorge's law review journal, The University of the Pacific Law Review (UPLR), for its 48th volume, he was a Legislative Staff Writer and a Comment Staff Writer for the 47th volume of UPLR.