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Profile: Omaejemite "Jemi" Wilkie

Jemi Wilkie
Omaejemite "Jemi" Wilkie

Class of 2017

LLM in Water Resources Law

Hometown: Warri, Nigeria
Undergraduate: Benson Idahosa University
Major: Law

Omaejemite "Jemi" Wilkie graduated in May 2017. Originally from Delta State, an oil rich zone in the south of Nigeria, she began her journey to becoming a lawyer at a young age. Jemi has a first degree in law from her home country, and was inducted into the Nigerian bar before commencing the LLM in Water Resources Law at McGeorge.

Jemi obtained her bachelor's degree (LL.B.) in law from a Nigerian university and earned her B.L. at the Nigerian Law School. Jemi is fluent in English and has a workable command of the French language. In a moment of confession, she revealed, "I have always been a stubborn child, and I grew up to be a relentless goal getter".

When asked about how she decided she wanted to pursue a law career, she described growing up with a lawyer as a father "I have always had a lawyer growing up which is my father. He would tell us stories about his conquests in and out of court. I found it fascinating".

With a penchant for argument, Jemi had her sight set on a career path as an advocate. "I could be sometimes opinionated," she said reluctantly. "So far, studying law has been amazing."

After graduation, Jemi intends to return to her home country of Nigeria. Speaking strongly on this, she said, "With all the knowledge and exposure I have acquired from this amazing institution, I plan to return to my country and educate the people".

Explaining further, Jemi attributes her decision to specialize in Water Resources Law to the need for environmental reforms due to the negative impact of international industries and the increasing levels of environmental degradation. "Something must be done," she says.

The best part about being a student at McGeorge, according to Jemi, is the pool of amazing people that she has met since commencement of the program. "The staff at McGeorge is simply incredible. As students, we are catered for all-round. Attention is paid to our academic and social needs." In particular, Jemi notes, "I love the method of teaching adopted by McGeorge professors. It is sometimes stressful but its good stress because it brings out the best in you."