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Profile: Lexi Purich Howard

Lexi Purich Howard
Lexi Purich Howard

Class of 2015

Lobbyist, California Advocates, Inc.

Undergraduate: California Lutheran University
Major: BS in Business Administration


Lexi Howard '15 decided to go to law school when she worked as an escrow officer, with her sights set on becoming a transactional real estate attorney or lobbying in the real estate industry. "When I was an escrow officer, I handled transactions from residential real estate and manufactured homes to complex commercial/industrial and land conservation easements. I had regular contact with attorneys representing the principals in those transactions and figured I could do that too, and probably better than some."

Howard received her Bachelor of Science degree in business administration in 2010 from the California Lutheran University in Ventura County, California and was still working and residing there when she applied to law schools. "I wanted to be in Sacramento and my first choice was McGeorge. I received a job offer from a friend and colleague in Sacramento and took the job before I was accepted into McGeorge... what a relief when I actually received the acceptance in the mail!"

Howard currently works as a lobbyist at California Advocates, Inc., the firm that brought her to Sacramento, and it played a big role in shaping her career path. "In the legal field there are many options. It turns out that I enjoy helping to shape the law as much as I thought I would enjoy transactional real estate. As a contract lobbyist, I am offered the opportunity each day to learn something new and work with inquisitive minds. It's great to have a job where I can have stimulating conversations about issues where reasonable minds might disagree. The best outcome is collaborative and intelligent decision-making."

Howard cites the many networking opportunities she had at McGeorge as an important part of her career success. "In our first few weeks of law school the evening class members became fast friends. Those friends are now colleagues in and around the public policy space in Sacramento." She cites McGeorge's powerful alumni network as a dynamic force in shaping public policy. "McGeorge alumni are everywhere and we are lucky to have our training at McGeorge as a shared story that unites us. At the end of the day, we may disagree on a number of issues, but we do so with civility, professionalism, and integrity, and the policy we form together is better for it."

To prospective students interested in working in and around the Capitol, Howard recommends McGeorge both for its location and its opportunities. She advises prospective students to choose a law school in the town they think they want to practice. "Building a community in school with students and faculty carries over into your daily life after law school, both professionally and personally. Friends you make in law school are friends and colleagues for life."

As Howard looks to the future, she is excited about her opportunities. "Law school was hard yet rewarding. It was an exercise in strength, grace, compromise, and balance - some days I did this better than others. For years, I was a lobbyist by day, a law student by night, a parent and all those other roles in the spaces in between. Since passing the Bar, I can now concentrate on work, family, some fun, and also about what's next. I'm grateful for my time at McGeorge, to those who supported my journey, and for the opportunity to make a difference."