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Profile: Junn Paulino

Junn Paulino
Junn Paulino

Class of 2015

Associate Attorney, Bohm Law Group

Undergraduate: CSU Sacramento
Major: Bachelor of Science, Finance

Junn Paulino, '15 was sure he would go to law school after a pivotal experience working in the Philippines to combat sex trafficking and institute a national minimum wage. He chose McGeorge for its camaraderie between professors and students and its many opportunities for vocational training. He holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in political science and ethnic studies from the University of California, San Diego. He currently practices employment law at Bohm Law Group in Sacramento and looks forward to helping clients for decades to come.

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Junn Paulino, '15 knew there was no question he would go to law school after working in the Philippines for six months during his time as an undergraduate at the University of California, San Diego. "When I worked in Asia for six months combating sex trafficking and advocating for the rights of domestic workers by helping to codify and enact a national minimum wage in the Philippines, it truly solidified my decision to go to law school." Prior to that experience, Paulino had been a part of many advocacy groups at UC San Diego, but they all left him wanting more. "While I still believe that organizing is effective in creating change, I realized that one of the best avenues to create sustainable differences was through a legal avenue."

After receiving Bachelor of Arts degrees in political science and ethnic studies from the University of San Diego in 2010, Paulino began the process of searching for a law school. His visit to McGeorge put it at the top of his list. "I toured other law schools but the moment I stepped foot on the McGeorge campus and interacted with the professors and students, I felt something I couldn't imagine experiencing at another law school. The community was geared toward helping one another and there was a sense of camaraderie from the professors, law students, and alumni that was unparalleled."

Paulino's initial impression held true during his time as a student at McGeorge. "I'm glad I chose McGeorge because I don't think I could have cultivated the strong personal relationships that I did with other students and professors anywhere else." Paulino is also grateful for the real-world experience McGeorge gave him. He cites that McGeorge gave him not only the ability to think like a lawyer, but also to "work like a lawyer" through its many vocational training opportunities including legal clinics, internships, and externships.

Paulino currently practices employment law as an associate attorney at Bohm Law Group in Sacramento. He is grateful for the education he received at McGeorge because it allows him to help clients each day. "It's empowering and rewarding to be able to advocate for those who have had their livelihoods threatened or taken away and to see these wrongs rectified through our courts."

Networking during law school was a major focus for Paulino and the number one thing he encourages current students to do. "Studying hard is important but in order to be truly competitive in this field, it is imperative to develop friends and mentors that think of you immediately when they have an opportunity. Those people will help you jumpstart your career and transition from law student to attorney." He goes on to highlight to vast reach that McGeorge has in the Sacramento region, "I think McGeorge's Sacramento location, and the supportive and tight-knit network of attorneys means that McGeorge alumni influence virtually every legal, governmental, and political institution in this town. I can still remember my first day of school and meeting people who would be my closest friends and colleagues."

Paulino plans to practice law for decades to come, whether it is in employment litigation or another area. Wherever his career takes him, however, Paulino will always make sure he is helping people in some way and be appreciative of the preparation he received at McGeorge.