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Profile: Erin Price

Erin Price
Erin Price

Class of 2017

Hometown: Fair Oaks, Calif.
Undergraduate: California State University, Chico
Major: Political Science

Erin Price graduated with Great Distinction in May 2017 and also received an Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Award. She was Chief Managing Editor of Volume 48 of the University of the Pacific Law Review.

Erin has competed on the soccer field since she started playing the sport at five years old, and she said law school provided a new arena for competition for her. The decision to attend law school for Erin came about through an undergraduate political science class.

"On the first day of class, the professor asked, 'What would the world be like without government?'" said Erin. "This question prompted a discussion about Hobbes and Locke and the state of nature, and it got me thinking about the role of government and of the law." A subsequent class in constitutional law solidified the decision to go to law school for Erin.

McGeorge was her top choice. "I knew I wanted to stay in Sacramento, where I grew up, and since McGeorge has a great reputation, I knew it was the place for me," said Erin.

What Erin has discovered in law school is that competition isn't the only thing she enjoys; she also enjoys working with others and helping them fulfill their own dreams.

"I visited Parma, Italy, this summer for an internship and worked with Italian lawyers trying to learn legal English, which allowed me to connect with people even through a language barrier," said Erin. Another area she enjoys collaboration is on the board as Secretary for the Federal Bar Association, McGeorge Chapter, where she connects with students and local attorneys.

As she looks ahead to her future career, Erin would like to start in a mid-size to large firm where she can gain the experience of strict billable hours and work collaboratively with numerous lawyers on various cases, and then move later on to open her own firm.

Choosing a particular field of law may be more difficult for Erin. "Loving the learning process has led me to have an interest in almost every subject I have taken thus far in my law school career!" she said.

As a stress-reliever from law school work, Erin has a hobby that is also her career backup plan: baking.

"I bake when I am stressed out, but I generally do not eat what I bake; I pawn my baked goods off on friends and family," said Erin. "If law school or the legal profession does not work out in the future, I plan on opening a bakery."

Erin loved learning from the faculty at McGeorge. "The first-year faculty are not only intelligent and accomplished, but are also some of the nicest, most caring individuals I have encountered," said Erin. "The fact that I can build a genuine intellectual and personal relationship with faculty members has made my experience immensely rewarding and makes me feel supported and part of the community."