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Profile: Anthony Crisostomo

Anthony Crisostomo
Anthony Crisostomo

Class of 2016

Hometown: Sacramento, California
Undergraduate: California State University, Sacramento
Major: Sociology

Anthony Crisostomo's path to law school is one unlikely to have been traveled by many students, starting the day he walked into a bookstore in South Korea and saw an LSAT prep book and a book about the top law schools, felt drawn to buy them, and rediscovered a dormant interest in pursuing a career in law.

Anthony grew up in Sacramento and was active in the performing arts as well as in youth organizations advocating for the Filipino-American community. After graduating from CSU, Anthony went to Seoul for one year to teach 6- to 12-year-old children English.

"I find it fascinating to learn about a foreign culture by fully immersing myself in it," he says. Anthony had thought briefly about law school as an undergraduate, and reading the books he found in Korea helped him decide to follow that path. In choosing a law school, Anthony looked no further than his hometown.

"As a Sacramento native, I had always heard great things about McGeorge," he says. "I knew that such a prominent law school right in my town would be the only place I should begin my legal career." Anthony says he appreciates the community spirit at McGeorge. "There is a great camaraderie between the students and a strong sense of support that helps me feel like I belong," he says.

Anthony recently had another opportunity for travel and cultural immersion through a summer law program in Italy run by Professor Stefano Maffei, an Italian attorney and friend of McGeorge. "I worked as an intern, researching European Union criminal law and media perceptions towards it," says Anthony. Looking ahead to graduation, Anthony says that he plans to advocate for the community through work at a public interest law firm.

In the meantime, Anthony would love to travel more, and he tries to find time for pursuing his interest in baking. "I love trying recipes and making new and innovative desserts," he says, though he's never sure how they will turn out. After all, says Anthony, in dessert as in life, "I never set plans in stone, because in my experience, life has its own way of shaping one's plans."