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Profile: Anthony Chinakwe

Anthony Chinakwe
Anthony Chinakwe

Class of 2013

Legal Coordinator (Business & Legal Affairs)
Nickelodeon Animation Studio
Area of Practice:
Intellectual Property

Hometown: Sacramento, Calif.
Undergraduate: U.C. Santa Barbara
Major: Sociology

His 'greatest accomplishment' might surprise you — not the multiple tournament wins, and not the time he played college soccer on ESPN against UCLA and won the Div 1 title — it' was getting into McGeorge.

"I was more proud of this than any sports accolade."

When Anthony "Tony" Chinakwe says he's going to do something, he does it. "I said one day I'm going to win a [soccer] championship. We won three years in a row. I'm going to get a scholarship. I did. I'm going to law school. And I am."

The third son to Nigerian immigrants, this Sacramento native learned from his parents the value of hard work and the rewards that come from persistence — "if they could make this life for our family from nothing, the least I can do is to make something of myself."

Were it not for a torn ACL while on scholarship for Loyola Marymont (where he practiced with NBA greats Mike Bibby and Chris Webber) he would have pursued going pro. "There I was with a scholarship, my dream of going pro dashed, so now what?"

Enter Tony's idol, McGeorge alum and sports agent Scott Boras '82, who is living the "dream career" and he began strategizing his next play — law school. Despite administrative bumps along the way transferring units, his killer instinct paid off and Tony was accepted to Santa Clara, USF, Golden Gate and McGeorge, eventually choosing McGeorge since "in this economy, going someplace like the Bay Area to get an education that's just as good in my hometown — what's to think about?"

Plus the support of his family and friends who are alums will help guide him through the rigorous program. Though dealing with the current furloughs as a service tech for the Department of Toxic Substances Control for the EPA, he is a bit glad for the excuse to "sit the bench" as he's "the kind of guy who wouldn't take a day off if someone didn't make me." Don't look for him to be benched for long though, this hoops and field champ knows about hard work, and helping to get the big 'wins' in life — on, and perhaps one day in — the court.