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Profile: Andrew Meditz

Andrew Meditz
Andrew Meditz

Class of 2009

Senior Attorney, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Area of Practice: Energy Law

When Andrew Meditz , '09, decided he wanted to pursue a graduate degree, he was attracted to law school because of the multifaceted options it would open for him. "I was trying to choose between a JD and an MBA and I observed JDs doing a variety of jobs that were all interesting to me. I also liked the idea of being part of a profession that consisted of a select few."

The same diversity of options that attracted Meditz to law school brought him to the discipline of energy law, where he works as a senior attorney at SMUD (Sacramento Municipal Utility District). "Energy law is dynamic and constantly changing, especially with the recent surge of renewable energy. SMUD is on the forefront of this. My job isn't all legal. It's about half legal, with a healthy amount of policy work and business planning making up the rest. I enjoy the variety and stimulation."

Prior to law school, Meditz worked at the California Travel and Tourism Commission after completing a Bachelor of Science in managerial economics and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish at the University of California, Davis in 2002. He had his eye on McGeorge for both its Sacramento location and evening program, which would allow him to continue to support himself throughout school.

From the day he started at McGeorge, Meditz took advantage of as many opportunities as he could. He got to know his classmates and professors well, and also took advantage of internships and law clerk positions. He looks back on two experiences especially fondly, "I credit my internship at SMUD for putting me on the career path that I'm on now. I also really loved my clerkship for Justice Robie in the Third District Court of Appeal in my final semester at McGeorge. In essence, it was the culmination of everything I had been building toward in law school."

Not only is Meditz grateful for these types of opportunities but he also credits them with producing top notch alums. "When I work with McGeorge alums, they seem experienced, polished and able to connect the dots. The experience, attention to detail, and rigor of the program really shows, and for these reasons, we love hiring McGeorge students as law clerks at SMUD." Meditz goes on to cite McGeorge's new policy program as an impressive addition to the skillset its students have. "We have an intern starting this summer from the program and she seems well trained and highly capable."

Meditz also thoroughly enjoys working in the Sacramento region, where he says the legal community is small and full of camaraderie-similar to McGeorge. He looks forward to continuing to enjoy that atmosphere as he continues his energy law practice at SMUD.