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Profile: Alina Davletshina

Alina Davletshina
Alina Davletshina

Class of 2017

LLM in Transnational Business Practice student
Hometown: St. Petersburg, Russia
Undergraduate: St. Petersburg State University
Major: Russian Civil Law

Davletshina graduated in May 2017, and was honored with the LLM Award of Excellence. After graduation, Alina interned at Chevron in the San Francisco Bay Area for four-and-a-half months. This internship afforded her opportunities she never imagined, including visiting oil refineries and laboratories and engaging with many scientists. Alina was involved in many diverse areas of work at Chevron, from drafting wastewater agreements to completing research on NAFTA practices. A highlight for Alina was meeting the CEO of Chevron at a special luncheon. This internship was made possible through her experience at McGeorge, and she is grateful for this very unique opportunity. Alina is currently in Russia and has rejoined her former employer, Ernst and Young, where she was promoted to Senior Associate.

Originally from St. Petersburg, and having traveled to four continents, she dreamed of a career in human rights from a very young age. "I envisioned a diplomatic career working in the Middle East, protecting human rights." For her undergraduate education, she applied to international relation programs as well as law programs, the latter of which seemed close enough to the work that she was hoping to do. Despite preparing arduously for an exam to work in international relations, Alina but was not accepted to the program. However, she passed the examination to study law with flying colors. "I think it was a stroke of fate and the right choice for me to pursue law." Alina points out her completion of the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition as a highlight of her Bachelor's degree experience in Russia. "My team was Russia's national winner."

Alina received a Master's degree in Russian civil law from St. Petersburg State University. At the same time, she worked as an associate at Ernst and Young — one of the big-four multinational accounting firms headquartered in London.

When Alina was awarded a fellowship from RUSLEF to study for a year at McGeorge, she was elated. McGeorge's fateful location in California is a metaphor for heaven in the Russian tongue. "I adore California's temperate climate and educating my fellow McGeorge students about Russian life and culture. I hope I break the stereotype that Russians are severe and gloomy people."

Alina reflected about what she liked best about McGeorge, and she had trouble narrowing it down. "I love everything here!" However, she gave special attention to the cultural differences and opportunities. "The American style of teaching is quite different from what I am used to. I've learned a lot from it, honed my command of the English language, and broadened my legal knowledge." She continued, "I appreciate all the new friends I've made here and the opportunities to so some of my favorite things like go snowboarding and play tennis."